{February 6, 2017}   Excellence in Academics

My oldest had her award ceremony thing tonight, she got an award for Excellence in Academics. They called the representative from each school up and they talked about each student and then the guy from the scholarship gave them their metal. Most schools had two kids hers just had one this year. Before they did the kids they had each one come up with the teacher and the family they picked for the award they were giving out for that. The teacher at their school got one she got a key chain, they didn’t have a family I was surprised they didn’t have the one girls grandma that we are all friends with she is always helping out and doing things for the school. Not sure if they knew they were doing it or having it or maybe she didn’t want to look like she was picking one of us over the others but I wouldn’t have felt that way at all. There is her or the parent that teaches life skills. I think either one should have gotten it over me or the other few parents that do show up. Some schools did two parents they both could have gotten it.

They said there were 1700 schools that take the scholarship in the state with almost 100,000 kids who get it, they said that the kids that were there tonight were picked out of the 650 kids who were nominated for the awards. It was interesting the way they do it I thought it would have been put together and done a little better than what it was but it was still fun and nice.

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