{February 6, 2017}   Going To Bed

I guess I am going to go to bed, I came here with a couple things to to tell you all tonight and now that I finished my first post I have no clue what they were. Maybe I will think of them tomorrow but who know’s. I am extra tired tonight and I am not sure why, but I have been going every since I left for school at 1030 this morning. Then dealing with my sick Little Bitty most the day today on top of it all.

She has been in a lovely mood to say the least, I had to talk her into going to school for a few hours just so I could go to my class. Before you give me the mother of the year award or tar and feather me for sending my kid to school sick to make other sick let me say, she is not contagious or I would not have sent her. She keeps getting something like swimmers ear and that is what is going on again. When I got up she wasn’t up or dressed yet, when we were telling her to get up and lets get to school we were going to be late she was having a fit she wanted to stay home and sleep all day. I finally just decided she wasn’t going to go I was going to have to call my teacher or go in and let him know I wouldn’t be there today and hope he didn’t get to mad. We got to school to drop Little Guy off and she gets her lunch and decides she wants to go to school. I told her I was going to stay home with her if she felt that bad. She said no she was okay if I was going to come pick her up right after my class she would go for a little bit. We got out almost 30 minutes early I went straight and picked her up. They were just laying down for nap time and she was thrilled that I really came. We spent the day together running around. We went down to the down town area and checked out a new thrift store walked around looked at some of the shops. We went past the tattoo shop I asked her if she wanted to get matching tattoos? She said yes she thought we should get tigers. I said okay sounds good, then I said you could get one that says mommy and I could get one that says Little Bitty. She said no I like tigers. I said okay we can get matching tigers. She said no I want a tiger you get Little Bitty. We were walking along I said well we are done looking guess it is time to go get them tattoos. She said oh um maybe tomorrow would be good for that. I said but you said today lets go, she kept saying no I think we should wait until tomorrow and going on and on. Then she said but it will blood and it will hurt. I told her it would not bleed that much if at all and that it didn’t hurt. She said well I’m scared so maybe tomorrow and every day I can say tomorrow. She smart kid I’ll just say tomorrow every day. She is so funny and cute.

I am off to sleepy land I hope, maybe I will think of the things I wanted to tell you all. If I do I will let you all now I figured it all out.

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