These little two pound furry rodents may be the cause of my death after everything I have been through in life, this is what may take me out once and for all. Not the 4 accidents I have been in, the over dose the hospital gave me, the infection the doctor’s office gave me at a few months old that they thought I may die from, no none of that did it, but these two guinea pigs may do it.

I have been sick all week, it started with the right side of my throat hurting and one side of my sinuses draining the next day it went to the left with right side fine and then yesterday just my nose stuffy and running. I had some coughing but not horrible and not dry. Last night and today I have this horrible dry cough and it gets worse when I am home and my throat feels like it is trying to close. Not just hurting and I’m sick but closing. It dont’ hurt anymore either one day each side that was it. I guess it just so happens that I am allergic to the hay they have and it is the hay they have to have they eat all the time it is always in their cage for them good for their diet hay. They are in my bathroom in the shower with the door closed but I feel it get worse when I come into my room. I am not even sure I can sleep in here tonight. I woke up off and on all night last night. I had had a cough but it was not dry and scratchy like this one. I can’t wait for them to go to the boys room. I hope and pray I can get the cage done tomorrow and not have any problems. I can’t keep doing this.

I was at the store with my friend today and she was like get these cold pills they will dry that stuff in there up. I bought some not even thinking about it. Then tonight when I got home and started putting stuff away I thought of it and called her. I said I don’t have anything in there that needs dried out. I don’t have that wet cough like I had its dry and itching and my throat feels like it is swelling. She said yeah your right I didn’t think about that it is really dry. I think I need to take something for a reaction tonight sine I don’t have to be up and go anywhere tomorrow. I think if they put them in their room I don’t mess with their cage or go in there I should be ok. If not they may have to go in their hutch outside. Nothing I can do about it or that backroom for a while.


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