I got up about 10 finally after laying there for awhile after the kids woke me up, I made sure they had eaten, the dogs were taken out, kitchen cleaned up and all that then went outside to start on the cage. I want them out of my bathroom, I want to be able to breath again without feeling like my throat is closing up. Gathered the drill, bits, drink and all that I was going to need and took with me. I had Big Boy get the wood out of the truck why I was doing that. I got out there is he bringing one piece at a time out of the truck. This lazy kid I do not know how to change this. But anyway I went and helped get the wood out of the truck. When he came back he said hand me a piece I turned around with an arm full said hold your arms out and gave it all to him. It was only like 2×4’s the two foot ones. I gave him most of them. He didn’t like that to much but he took it and came back.

I started with putting the basic part of the frame together to work from there. I made it 2ft by 4 ft. I would have liked a little bigger but with it going in the house I figured I better not go any bigger. It took about 45 minutes but I got the frame put together with no problem

20170211_131026 The only thing I ran into that bothered me was with putting the screws in, I thought I would be able to drill it in the first piece of wood then right into the next but it wasn’t working. I ended up marking it all then drilling the holes in it two at a time in the first piece then line it up and drill the screw through until it was marked on the other piece of wood. Then I would pull it out and drill the hole through the second piece of wood. After that I would put them together and drill the screw down though the hole into both of them. I had to do most every one that way so it took some extra time than I expected. The boards were not cut right at the inches I wanted or what but it isn’t to far off it still lined up and is working so far.

I took a break for a few hours and then went back to it. I got all the legs drilled and put on and then had to go feed the chickens and drop the food off. I was going to try to finish it when I came back but their were bugs out there trying to carry me off before I stepped out of my truck no thank you I will wait until tomorrow. But at least I am about half way done, give or take. I need to put the bottom in, put the support for that in. I need the bottom cut but I was not able to cut it all how I needed to so I am going to see if my oldest can cut it right tomorrow. With my hands the way they are it is hard for me to do that with them. I have been working on this by myself. Oldest has been in bed sick and Big Boy tries to help but he does everything but what you ask of him to do. I have gotten this far pretty much on my own I am sure I can finish the rest of it. My oldest said take their money and buy a staple gun tomorrow so that I can just stable the wire on instead of having to screw it all in around the cage 20170211_173254It’s standing all on it’s owns all the legs are on it now just to get the bottom figured out and how to fix it. I hope that it works good for what I want. I still am not sure what the top is going to be made of but I am not to worried about it. My Little One isn’t going to be able to just reach down in there I don’t think because the legs make it stand just over two foot off the ground. Then I have to put the sides on the top and they are going to be 2ft around so all together the top will be 4 foot in the air. I think it should be ok. I made it so that the bottom lays on the top of the legs and then I will put some supports in the middle of the long sides. I was thinking of doing the supports one way but I just thought I have some other wood out there so I think I have a different way to do it than what I was thinking. I will have to look at it and try it when I get back out there to work on it and see what is going to work best. Right now I have to get my school stuff done then go work on it and get dinner in the crock pot. Some random pictures from working on it yesterday.


20170211_121955I had nothing to lay this stuff on or anything to do with it so I had to use the chairs or the stoop of the porch. I am sure it has been a show for my neighbors as well I see them slowing down and looking when they drive by and things. The ones that live by me keep stopping and watching. Like they never seen someone build something. I seen one go for a “walk” with his kids and come by. I’m like really why don’t you just come over and see what is going on? It’s not like we don’t talk or know each other. One is the guy who I have known forever who cuts my yard the other is the ones who had their truck stolen so we all talk. I wouldn’t care if they came over wanted to know what I was doing? I think it is the women building something that throws them all off. My friend laughed when I said let get pallets and build one then they were all joking about it. I don’t have patients for things like this if they do not go right and everything starts happening and making it take longer and harder than it needs to be. My friend yesterday ask me how much I had thrown of it already when I told her I had the frame and legs together. I told her for the most part it was going fairly quickly and with no problems so far. I am glad it didn’t turn into a disaster mess like the blinds when I tried to take them down and hang more up. I would have really not been happy. I probably would have tossed it all in the trash gave the kids their money back and told them to buy a hutch. But I can not see them spending $75 or more on a hutch that will work not really what they need or could have when we can make one for so much less.


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