Coming here to just check in, write or even just see what is going on is like falling into the rabbit hole of no return. I say I’m just coming on to check in or I’m just coming on to write them few post I have stashed and need to finish that’s it. Then I find something on my reader catching my eye so I stop to read it and I then tell myself just this one and no more, then I tell myself okay just the few from the ones I read all the time and then I really have to get to what I came for. It never seems to end that way at all. I end up reading that one and then the next one and then I tell myself I may as well just read all that person has written I haven’t read this far so I will be caught up on that one blog and will check the rest later. I finish all the new post from that one writer and when I get to the end I see this post from another blogger that catches my eye, I tell myself that I really can’t read it right now but then something in my head goes it won’t be there when you come back it will be something else and you won’t be able to find it. I end up going to read it and then from there reading more on their page and one leads to another and then another. Until I see something posted at the end of their page by someone and I decide to follow it to the next person’s blog and begin all over again looking up their about me page, checking out there resent post, looking to see how long they have been blogging, looking at their older blog stuff, trying to decide if it has been to long to try and read most post and catch up and if not then skipping around looking at different ones and then backing up more or skipping ahead to see what they are talking about from before or to see what happen since this post. I will read everything not follow another link and come back to my own blog only to be picked up by one of the other blogs I follow I decide to check in with them and the rabbit chase begins again following to another blog. I have done this the last two nights when I came here to check in and see what was going on. I sat here and followed blog from post to post and then back around to another blog and following it around and around. until I am so sleepy I can’t hardly hold my eye open. I have to turn everything off where I am and save them. Tonight I got my other post and this one done but like right now I am so tired I have written the same line three times because I keep writing something completely different than what I mean too. I an going to go and to get the few blogs I have tucked away out soon.


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