Tonight I am sitting here looking through my feed and these two pictures of little guinea pigs pops up and it says they are looking for a home for them all they have to many. It says that they got two were told they were females and guess what? Yep you guessed it one wasn’t. So now they have 6 or 7 instead of two. She said she posted it weeks ago trying to get rid of them all over the place and no one was looking. I said I sure wish I had known because I would have taken three of them no problem but I already have two and don’t have room for anymore. The cage was build for 3 to have enough room. She said she is giving them away she just wants them to have a good home. This after they just spent their money on two. But that is okay everything happens for a reason. She is about 40 miles or more away from me I was going to ask her if she could meet me part of the way because I know she goes all over or see if father of the year could meet her before work one day and bring it to us after work. She said she had to go to come up this way one or two days this week so she would just hold on to one of them and bring it up and meet me when she comes. My oldest just told her to pick on and bring her to pick the friendliest one and give her. She said they all are pretty friendly and that she was going to take some picture of them and send her and she can pick the one she wants. They all in the picture we seen pretty much look the same. They are white with little block patches and a small spot of brown. But it is kind of hard to tell because they are all together.

I am glad I found them because my oldest was talking about maybe getting a hamster instead and I am not into having yet another animal and another cage in the house. She seemed happy that we found one.


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