I haven’t been around much and a little late posting but here it is. I am going to try and get caught up on other post tonight and this weekend as well. Between being sick and running the last week I have been passing out early most nights. Well as soon as I get to my room whatever time that may be.

My friend called me and ask me how my night was going? I told her okay like any other really. She asked me if I got any thing today. I said no and she said didn’t your “friend” get you anything nice? When I said no she acted like it was odd and said oh I thought he would have gotten you something or done something for you. I said no it isn’t anything like that at all. She said yeah I guess your right but it’s still kind of sad I guess. I said no we don’t have that kind of relationship where we buy things for each other or expect things for holidays and things. We don’t even expect to see each other at this or that times or every so often or anything like that. We see each other if and when it works out that we can. Other than that we talk if we feel like it or want to and that’s it. We don’t expect to be called, seen, get together or anything like that. If one of us wants to see, talk to or do something we will ask the other if they are free if they are great if not then okay if we can set it for a different day and want to we do if not then we just for get it.

I don’t know why people feel that if you are talking to someone that they should be expected to give you things because it is a random holiday or be there at the drop of a hat to see you or do something with you. People don’t seem to see a difference in seeing someone, dating someone and friends anymore. I like it the way it is, yes I would like a relationship but I don’t think that kind with him so things work good for us right now.


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