It has been a crazy week super busy and it has been all I can do to hold my eyes open to even get through the evenings and fall into bed. I posted a few times this week I think and I had to go back and fix them and post them the next day because I they would be such a mess from me passing out before I finished them. I just saved them and waited until I got up to post them.

Monday we got up and Little Bitty was sick, I called my friend and asked her if she could watch her. I had class and I had therapy that day. I figured out if I can get a 130 appointment at therapy then I can do it on Monday after class. I go to class from 1050 to 1205. with school being less than a half mile away from my house that gives me time to come home grab something to eat or whatever before I need to leave to go to therapy. Plus we get out early most days so I have extra time. Once I leave and go to therapy then when I get done there it leaves me like 30 minutes to pick up the big kids from school. I just go there and hang out for a little bit until they get out.

Tuesday I spent the day at the older kids school doing their party for the day. We did a scavenger hunt, cake pops and different things for them. After that we ran to the store and got the little kids and came home. The night seemed to drag on forever. Everyone is sick with this horrible cough and things. I talked to my friend a little bit, I seen he was online and sent him a message. He said it was to bad I had the kids I could come over. I asked him when he would be kid free again and he said probably the next night. I told him I could probably come over I would have to see if I could get a sitter. He said that sounded good.

Wednesday I went to class then went to get the kids. I was there a little early and sat talking to them and things. We came home for a while then got the little kids and went to therapy. I then picked my friend up and went to get the kids something to eat. Her boyfriend came with her that was a little odd and she wasn’t happy. He said because I was supposed to take them somewhere the next day and I wouldn’t have to go back to get him. But I had to go past his house to go somewhere else then pick him up on the way home. I dropped them all off here and went over to see my friend for a while.

I went to his new place it was a nice time. We sat there at the table and just talked for a while. That was different but nice because normally we just hang out watch movies or whatever. We talk but not a lot or like we did the other night. We talked about the trucks and different things we had to do to them, he was telling me about how he got it from his brother where he got it and how he knew the guy that owned it before so he knew it been taken care of. Talking about different things those motors are known for, I have had three trucks with that same motor most of the stuff is just normal wear and tear but they are known for the in take going out and have to be tore down and done and it really isn’t a hard job to do if you have the a day to tear it down and put it back together. It is about a $250 part. Other than that there are one or two coil packs that are known to go out more than the others. It’s because of where they are on the motor they get wet from water splashing up off the road and things.

We talked about different places to live and how the weather was in different areas. He was talking about Global warming and how people think it is a big joke or don’t think it is happening because we are so hot. But they do not think about how close we are to the equator and how much hotter we have been or how we have almost no winter at all anymore. He was saying how the last few years they have hardly used the heaters and not even had them out at work this winter at all. He was saying like ten years ago and things. I said I can remember when I was little it being so cold outside and everyone talking about how there was going to be snow flurries. The big thing I really remember is the fuss over the citrus trees and everyone worrying that they were going to freeze and ruin all the fruit. They would be talking about wrapping them in blankets and putting heaters on them. I use to think that was so odd when I was a kid that they were wrapping tress in blankets and heating the outside. We were talking that I can’t think of a time since I was little they have talked about having to do that. They sure haven’t in the last 13 years or so that I can think of. I don’t know why but it is the one thing that always standout to me that they don’t do that anymore or never even talk about the fruit freezing. I ended up coming home earlier than I expected to so I ran my friend and her boyfriend home and then me and the kids came home and went to bed. It was probably about 11 by the time we went to bed and again I was so tired I hardly made it to my pillow.

Thursday I got up and took the three younger kids to school and then me and my oldest went to get her guinea pig. I stopped on the way to check abut getting internet back and took care of stuff there. I ended up telling them to forget it because they want more than they did before why everyone around me was paying almost half what I was. I am going to check into somewhere else. They already made me mad by telling me I had to turn everything in just to get them to turn around come back out and give me it and hook it up. When I took it in the lady said why would you bring it back instead of just calling and having it hooked back up. I told her what they said she said no they should have just turned it on. They never tell you the right thing why I didn’t have internet for almost two days before.

We got to the pet store just as they opened and they had no guinea pigs. Wait sorry wrong they had two males that is it. None came in and the guy said there was a shortage of them until April probably. He told us to try the guy up the street at the little mom and pop store. We stopped in there and they only had one and she was already 4 years old and they said probably wouldn’t do well in the cage with the others. We called the others and they said no females just males. The other mom and pop one that my sons old teacher owns said he would have baby ones in about 5 hours. I picked my friends up again took her to school and told her we would go check them out after therapy so we did. The guy was just getting there with the animals and he had the mans order all messed up and didn’t have half of what he asked for. He didn’t bring any pigs with him. He said he was going to place another order and may have some next week hopefully. We called other places they didn’t have them or only sold males not females. I just didn’t feel good after that and was so tired from all the running I had done with her and while helping my friends. I guess my oldest could tell because we went in the store to get something from dinner quick and she asked if she could make tacos. I said you are going to make tacos? She said yes so I told her she could. She made them and made plates when she was done. I was surprised because most time I have to help her make stuff and then I have to make plates. I came in and changed my clothes and laid down on my bed a minute. I guess I fell a sleep, next thing I knew she was asking me if I wanted her to bring me a plate of food or if I wanted to get my own we ate and went straight to bed again.

Today was pretty laid back, I took my friends boyfriend to check on something and then we dropped him off at the ER to get his foot looked at, they decided to keep him. We went up seen him a minute got the key to the house. We were going to go out tonight but then our other friend couldn’t watch the kids because her hubby was going to take her out. My friend that was going to go out with me ended up having to go get checked out because she had this big place come up on the back of her head and a really bad headache and things. It just came up last night but then got bigger. They told her it was from whiplash where she was in the car accident and that she needs a mri Monday. I picked her up took her home and came home, the kids played a little but they are still not feeling good and went to bed early. Big Boy is still up watching tv and going back and forth talking to me. Our friend is supposed to come watch the kids tomorrow but I will believe it when I see it because most the only thing you can count on with her is her not doing what she says she will.

That was our week in a nut shell. I think Wednesday was the best day this week so far, it was nice to get out of my house have an adult conversation other than the crazy stuff me and my friends talk about and things.


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