Me and my friend got to go out Saturday and what a night it was. We went to this little bar north of us that we went to last when we went out a few months ago. We liked the music and things there and it was busy but not super loud and so packed you can’t move around the place. We went in and sat at the end of the bar ordered a couple drinks and were talking. In a little bit this guy came in and sat down on the side of the bar the stool around from my friend and he was acting strange. My friend said he is on something he is tweaking like crazy. I said yeah I see that. He had his phone and something else he laid $50 on the bar and was messing with his phone. Then it happen he turned to us and started talking to is. He was telling us to pick a song to listen too and pick any song think of he was going to play it. I guess he had some way to pull up a site for the jukebox and use his credit card to pay and pick songs from his card. Then he ask us our names and things.

Me and her were talking and I said I wish we had someone to drive us and we needed to find someone who could drive next time. I don’t drink a lot at all when I go but I like to have a few and I then if we want to go to different places it makes it hard. I don’t drink just a beer I drink liquor or shots, don’t like beers at all. I just don’t want to take the chance of getting pulled over for something because they are just arrest happy even if I was fine. All of a sudden he looks up and says my friend took my truck and my girlfriend, toss me out and left me here. I’m high on cocaine and drunk!!! We just looked at each other like he didn’t just say that did he? We just acted like he hadn’t said anything and went on talking he would pop up and say something here and there. He ordered something and paid with his $50 when they sat it down I think all they gave him was a water with a lime in it. It was in a clear plastic cup not a glass like a drink or shot. But then they charged him for water and slice of lime. He talked to us off and on sitting there then got up and was walking around the bar talking to people.

While he was gone this older guy came up sat down and started talking to us. He kept talking about making making yourself happy. How no one can make you happy you have to please yourself. Then tells us this joke about this guy and a hooker and the guy having a little dick. Some how we got on the subject of being married he said he had been married 4 times. My friend said yeah she had been married 3. They were talking about they weren’t going to get married again and things. Then he ask me if I was married and I said not anymore. I said one and done I am not getting married again. Some how the fact that I had 4 kids came up and he said oh well you don’t have to worry about that anyway no one wants you with 4 kids!! At first I thought he was joking and then realized real fast he wasn’t. He just kept going on and on about how no one wants a women with 4 kids and no one is going to ever marry me. At first I was just going to say something smart ass off hand to him but when he kept on and wasn’t joking I was floored and getting pissed off. I said that’s okay because like I said one and done I do not want to get married again. Then he started saying yes you do! Men like to mess around and like to be with different women but women just want to be married and with the same man and the things that come with being married. I said well I can tell you that isn’t always true and that I have been on my own for 4 years and happy and still don’t want to ever be married. He again kept on telling me how he knew I did and I didn’t know what I was talking about. I said I don’t want to live with anyone, I don’t want them to meet my kids, I don’t want to meet theirs we see each other when we have free time and we can and that is fine if we can’t then next time. He is going on and on about how women don’t like just dating or seeing different guys and being with different guys like guys like being with different women. My friend looked at him and said I cheated on my ex’s, more than one of them so that isn’t true at all. Then he says to me you better just get them kids daddy back to take care of you and them because no one is going to ever want you. I said well you sit here and say hat but it’s funny that I had a relationship after my ex and that is how i had my 4th. She don’t have the same father so for no one to not want a women with 3 or 4 kids I was with someone with three and have had many want to get together since I had my last. Then he asked my friend if she had kids and she said three but they were 17 and up. He said yeah your about what 43? She was so mad she said no I’m 38. He said oh close enough what I thought about my age, I’m 58! I just laughed she was like no not close at all really. Then he said see your kids are older you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a guy and shit.

Who does he think he is to just walk up and start talking to someone he don’t even know and say that kind of shit to them? I wanted to just reach across the bar and punch him in the face. Of course not every guy is going to want a women with kids or if he does maybe not 4. But that is okay everyone is at different points in their life and need or want different things at different points in their life. They may not be ready or able to handle 4 kids. When I got with RC he was a little freaked out at the thought of 3 extra kids besides his own two. But he was willing to give it a chance. If he wasn’t that would be fine too. I would rather someone tell me they don’t want to take on a relationship with someone with kids or that many kids than do it then decide later it isn’t for him or he just want to push them to the side and it just be us. Because that isn’t an option, just like if I met a guy with kids if I am not looking at it as a relationship with him and the kids then it isn’t going to work either. Even though I do not want to bring my kids into the mix upfront and I don’t want to bring his into upfront, we both have to still be accepting that they other person has kids that will be brought into the relationship at some point and be okay with that.

Does he not think how saying something like that to someone could effect them? He had no idea why someone got divorced three kids or ten kids later. He don’t know what she has been though or what has been said to her already by her ex and what saying something like that could bring back up. Just like RC told me You Can’t Be Loved or Father of the Year and all the times he told me no one wants you. I can’t say that these things have not/did not effect me because they did for a long time. Even though I knew it wasn’t true, I knew it was their way of making their-self feel better or whatever. I can’t say it didn’t flash through my head and I didn’t relive those times when he was saying it and almost go back down that road. But instead I got pissed because it isn’t true of me or anyone else and like I said who the hell is he to say something like that to someone? Who did he think he was to talk to anyone that way. How does he think that is okay to say to someone? I just don’t understand what people are thinking sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Men can be Assholes Sometimes

  1. Well he wasn’t only insensitive to say such things, he was dead wrong. One of the coolest and most successful guys I know is head over heals about a girl he’s seeing who has four children. Also, with myself, I don’t have any kids and I’d totally date someone with four kids.

    thanks for sharing, following

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