{February 22, 2017}   Not Picking Up The Slack

Father of the year showed up for the first time in I don’t know when to drop off money at like 2 am when he got off work. Because he has no time to bring it any other time even though he don’t go to work until 3 pm. For whatever reason when he left he called me and we got onto the subject of support and paying. I told him he has to start paying me every week and the same amount every week. I have to report it to Social Security and I can’t go down there every week or month and tell them I only got this much this month now I got this munch the next and something different the month after. When I report it to them what I get in say February determines how much they give me in April. March determines what I get May and so on. When he is paying me it shorts my check and that is two months down the road. If he is paying me then stops and not paying me them months then I am not only short what he is supposed to be giving me but the amount they take out of my check as well. So then I am short twice as much than I should be and am sunk when it comes to paying bills if I have anything else come up that I need money for like if the truck breaks down or something.

The guy at the office told me I need to go to child support enforcement and have them go after him and take it out of his check each week before he gets it. I hadn’t because I know it will take a year or more to get them to do it and even then if he don’t pay then it will take them forever to go after him to make him pay if they ever do. I know people who have been waiting years and who are owed thousands that are still waiting for them to do something and make their ex pay. I see people talking about it on line all the time and how they are waiting and fighting to get help and getting no where. So it really isn’t going to be any different than what I am doing now just another place for me to go to and deal with and jump through hoops for while trying to take care of everything else myself and the kids and go to school. It is about 20 miles or more from my house every time I have to go there as well.

I told him tonight that he has had this job for a while now and that he should be at least paying me every week even if he isn’t fully caught up. I told him I am going to report what he is giving me and that if he skips weeks anymore that I am going to go straight to child support enforcement and start a case with them so that SSI don’t get mad because they said I can go down there and get it done and should or need to. He started with his he is trying and been trying to get everything worked out and caught up. That he is going to try to pay me weekly now he has to see if he can work it out and can. I told him there is no try he needs to get off his ass and do it. I told him there is no reason for him to not be able to pay me every week what he owes me. I know what he says he makes a week so I know what he is making a month and I know what his bills are for the month. I have sat and showed him how he can pay his bills and pay others he owes and not only pay me but pay me what he is behind as well and be caught up in I think 10 weeks. He would have everyone paid back and caught up on support and be paying on time. Plus he has worked more than normal the last month or so than normal with school’s having holidays and things, so he has made more money than what we set his budget up on. That giving him extra for himself.

Like I told him tonight if he don’t start paying me at least what he is supposed to every week I am going to go have them take it out of his check every week and I am also going to tell them he is making twice what he reported has been all a long as well. Not only will it start being taken out of his check every week but it will also be going up. I said it should be the first thing you take out of your check every week and make sure gets paid before anything else is paid. He said something about having to figure it all out. I said well it isn’t fair I shouldn’t have to sit here and us do without things we want or need. We shouldn’t have to sit here and not be able to go anywhere or do anything we want to do because I have to pick up your slack and what your not paying. I said I am short money I should have in savings now because I am picking up your slack. I am doing what I have to do to make sure everything is paid and what is left and what I am supposed to pay is paid and kept up. He comes off with that money is for you to pay your bills and things not for this or that. I said what money? Thinking he was talking about the support. He said that money you get from school and your loans and things and your not picking up my slack. I said yes it is to pay my bills and I do pay my bills and I take out extra to have money for things we may need or want to go places we want to go or what. I said yes I am picking up your slack because you are $873 behind. That is two months behind that is two months of things you should be paying that I have taken out of my money and paid. I said I shouldn’t have to do that I should have that $873 in the bank to pay on another months worth of bills or put toward things we want to put it toward not spending it to pick up the slack you leave. He didn’t like it and says I guess I will have to start taking what I owe you off the top and making sure I pay you every week then. I said good because that is what you should be doing all this time just ask the judge. He got all pissed off. I said so I am going to report it this day and after that if you miss a week I am going to go open a case and just be done with it. I will tell them to up it to what you are making and I am not going to wait weeks and weeks to do it or a month I am going to go the first week you miss and do it instead of delaying it even longer. I know I know you will. I am paying rent and water and lights this that and the other. I said I really don’t care like I said I am doing what I have to do to make sure my bills are payed and things, I don’t feel bad for you for what you have or don’t have. If you don’t have enough to pay your bills then I guess you need to get a second job. I said I find it funny two grown ass adults with no kids in the house could careless if the kids have what they need or if they are sitting here unable to do anything because making sure they have their bills paid first is more important than what the kids have or don’t have. No it isn’t, it isn’t like that and you know it why you sit there and say that. I said yes it is true, I said that is why you are almost $900 behind and you call me all the time and say I can’t pay you this week my bills are due i have to make sure my bills are paid. I told him don’t have her calling me telling me why you can’t do this or that and it can’t be how we talked about. He said I don’t, I said you do all the time you tell me one thing then she is calling telling me why you can’t and why your not able to pay me for weeks at at time because you all need the money. I said when she does it isn’t going to go over well and I will just go down and open a case. So you better really think about what you want to get yourself into and do what you need to do to handle your business and keep her out of it. I asked if he filed taxes he said no he has been trying to find out from the IRS if he can claim the kids and he hasn’t had time to call. I said so you have had months and haven’t taken the time that is money you could have that could have been paying it all this time why you say you are trying to get all caught up on your bills and things. Well I said no if you were worried about it then you would make sure you make time to find out and get them filed. I am already getting mine back he could be too.

Then he starts telling me he can’t he is doing stuff for her that me and my sister should be doing for her and all this. I said what because she don’t want me to take her places, she don’t want to ride in my truck, she don’t want stuff of hers to be in my truck and then her have to touch them and take the into her house. I said the things she does and the way she does them is not right and you know it and she knows it she still refuses to get help so nothing anyone can do. I told him that he needs to figure it out and get it taken care of this week and start paying me and making sure they have what they need. He just sat there then he kept saying I got to go I need to get off the phone I said you need to list to what I am telling you and know that I mean business so you better figure something out. I just don’t get how he thinks I am not picking up the slack when he is two months behind. Where does he think that that $873 he hasn’t paid has come from at this point if I am not picking up his slack? Funny thing is he can’t explain it to me and tell me where it is coming from either. Tell me it isn’t his fault. I said it is when I am paying my part and then some and you are two months in the hole then yes it is your fault I don’t have extra money I am supposed to have in the bank.

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