{February 22, 2017}   Schools closed

I got a message last night that the older kids school would be closed today and tomorrow (Wednesday) for sure and maybe longer. They were closed Monday for the holiday but now the staff and a bunch of the students are sick so they are closing for the next two days as well. I had already planed to take three of the kids back to the doctor today because they aren’t better. I was going to take them yesterday but they couldn’t get them in so I got them to put them in for after school today. Then they didn’t go today.

We went and she said that the oldest has bronchitis, the next one down has croup and youngest has strep. We were just there a week or so ago and she said they were fine expect number 3 who had an ear infection. He is fine now he wasn’t seen but now the other three are sick still and not getting better. Number two is worse I think than when he went before. I still don’t know what I have because they have not changed my doctor yet so I can only go to the ER until I can get them to fix it. I don’t feel like sitting in the er again after being there the other week. I have medication they gave me then that I didn’t end up needing, I am going to take them and hope it helps get rid of whatever this is.

My friends boyfriend got out of the hospital today and she went home, she is going to come back in the morning and watch the kids so I can go to school. I got something quick for dinner tonight since none of us feel good sill. It was cooking and Little Bitty ask to take a shower so they set the water for her. Well she didn’t tell anyone it started stopping up again. She decides she is done and wants out and calls for us to get her. As I walk around the bed and into the bathroom there is all this water. I look and the shower is over flowing. It ran under boxes of pictures and paperwork I had there and under the bed. We had to get tows and clean it all up and then even mop over it and over it to get it all up. Then we had to go dump everything out of the boxes onto my bed so that it didn’t get wet because they were soaked. I am now sleeping on the couch because I am so tired and feel like crap, I don’t feel like cleaning my bed off and finding a place for all this mess that needs to be put a way now.

Now I am sitting here on the couch writing and watching the escape channel. I want to go to sleep but at the same time want to get some other things done first. I just feel like I can’t lay down and go to sleep yet.

I wanted to get stuff done this week but now with the kids out of school I can’t. I am going to try and get them to help me go through this house tomorrow and get a ton of stuff cleaned up and cleaned out again. It seems like such a mess since we have been sick and doing just what we have had to.

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