{February 25, 2017}   Cravings

The last few days the cravings have been crazy and for odd things I hardly ever eat and shouldn’t be eating. My friend keeps laughing and saying it is from the other night and the kids are getting another sibling. I know it is from being sick and eating like crap the last week or so. Mostly from being sick, I will get this way when I have been really sick.

I made a homemade stew sometime this week and I have craved it for days. I ate the last of it Wednesday and Thursday. Was disappointing when I seen the empty left over bowl in the sink this morning because I wanted some more. I ate a huge bowl of it last night too. Oh and eating way to much I will do that too, when I find what I am craving I eat way to much of it at one time.

Yesterday why I was out with the older kids and Wanda I bought Salami and nutter butters. I couldn’t find the Salai I wanted so I ended up with the little round slices like you would put on pizza. I ate them on the way to the pet store and some on the way home. I passed them to the back so the kids could have some while I ate my nutter butters. I was craving the peanut butter and cracker so it wasn’t as good since I got the nutter butters and not the crackers. I thought it was the peanut butter I wanted more really but I was wrong. But it still helped the craving so that was good. Later I asked the kids where the Salami was and they said they had eaten it all. I wanted more of it even though it wasn’t that good. That is when I ended up eating the huge bowl of stew.

Today I have been eating potato chips and french onion dip. I never eat chips, if I eat them 4 times a year that is a lot for me. They just aren’t something I eat much of, unless my body needs salt, I know when I start craving chips that my body is wanting them for the salt. I will eat a ton of them. I sat here and ate part of a bag with dip before we went to the store and things. I just came in here and sat down to read and write and the first thought was I need some chips and dip. I knew before I went to get them that the dip got left out and sure enough it did. It was still sitting on the dishwasher open from this evening when I had some. I forgot it and oldest did not clean the kitchen up as I asked or she would have seen it. I looked at it stirred it up not that it needed it and tasted it. It tasted find so I have decided that with the amount of preservatives in it I am probably pretty safe because I don’t think the stuff would rot in 6 months and it has only been out a few hours. I started thinking about how dip is used a lot at parties and look how long parties last with things like that sitting out on the table for all to help their self to? I last for that kind of stuff then just sitting there should be fine for mine too. I know if I get food poisoning I can blame no one but myself. But I am craving them so bad right now and there is nothing in the house that sounds good other than them. Look at all I think in my head to try and make it okay, what is wrong with me? That is not right lol.

I think the oddest thing I crave when I don’t feel good or sick is sex. I don’t know why but I want sex more when I am sick and not feeling good as well. So whats the oddest or craziest thing you crave when your sick?

But on the bright side I hope this means I am getting over this and will not be sick next week. I have things to take care of and places to go.

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