{February 26, 2017}   What Would You Do?

I bought a rug for my living room a while back and it works good but it is to small I need two or one bigger. I looked for a bigger one but I have the biggest size that one comes in. I am not against getting two and using but then would need to buy two new ones since the other has been washed and outside in the sun, it’s faded so you could really tell one was older than the others. I had been looking at the store to see if I could find one and hadn’t seen anymore, the other night me and the kids found one it was marked down. I decided to go ahead and get it and hope to find one at another store or just use the two together even if one looked brighter/newer than the other.

They were on clearnce and when I checked out I watched to make sure it rang up the right price because so many things I have gotten in the past ring up full price and I only notice once I get home. Anyway it rang up for half the clearance price so it came to $45. I figured for that price I would buy another one and put them both in the living room and just use the other for my room because it is driving me crazy not having a rug in my room and I don’t have anything really to match it to or care. It’s in the bedrooms no one goes in there. I have looked at three stores and even called father of the year to make him look at some south of me by his job and can not find it.

I looked on line and found them but they are $97 full price even though they are clearing them out in the stores. I do not want to pay $97 for something I just paid $45 for in the store a week ago. I am debating ordering it then returning it when it comes and then buying it again from the store. Once I return it they will put it out for the $45 price that they are selling them for now. My mom is saying that it is not right to do that. I don’t think it is wrong they can put it out for the $97 price if they want if they chose to sell it for the $45 that is on. I don’t feel it is wrong either because if I found something on line and it is cheaper than in the store the store will price match. But you can’t price match when ordering on line because your aren’t talking to anyone your doing it all yourself.

What would you do? Order it online and return it to repurchases? Just use the two you have even if they don’t match and buy a different one for the bedroom? Or just suck it up and buy it at the $97 and forget it?

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