It has been a very off week to me, I am still sick of course, the weather has decided to get cold again for the weekend. I am sure that will prolong getting over this crap. On top of that I can tell the time is getting ready to change and it is causing problems for me already.

I go back and forth on if I like it when it gets dark later or earlier. I use to like it when it got dark earlier because I could get the kids in bed early and have time to myself. Now the kids are bigger it don’t work that way so much. I also would get to bed earlier because I would have that down time in the evening. But then I get to where even if i got to bed I wake up off and on all night and it seems that the nights drag on forever. I am starting to like when it gets dark later and did when I was working as well. I liked it because when I worked I didn’t get off until 5 then had to come home make dinner feed the kids and by the time I was done we still had time to do things after. Where as when it gets dark at 6 we didn’t have time to do anything outside after dinner. If we tried to do anything before dinner was supper late and they got to bed late. when it gets dark later we have time to eat dinner then do what we want to do and even if we are out later they still get to bed a decent time.

With it like it is now getting dark at 6 and now slowly getting darker a little later each night is throwing everything off. I was out with my friend and the kids the other night taking care of stuff and thought it was just getting to be maybe 6/630 because it really wasn’t that dark yet. When I looked it was almost 730. We didn’t get home until 8 because I had to go drop my friend off and go home. By the time we got dinner and everyone got showers and ready for the next day it was almost 1130. The next night didn’t go much better but that was just because of running around we had to do and things we had to get done but it still seemed much later than it was and then the night drug on forever for me.

My right side is killing me I can’t turn my head to the right, my shoulder back there is in so much pain I am about ready to cry. The bone is out of the socket and it is pinching everything and it feels like the end is shoving into the other bone and pinching everything in between when they do. And it is swollen huge all through my neck and shoulder almost my face. I have no idea what I did to make it this way. I didn’t feel good yesterday still I took the kids to school didn’t have anything to do so I came home and went to bed. I slept a while until I had to get up and take care of things and when I got up I was this way. I was fine before I laid down no pain or sign of anything at all wrong or hurting. I can even feel it up into my jaw. It hurts to sit, stand, lay or anything at this point. If I take something for it, it is going to knock my out and then I am going to get nothing done and have the kids here. Because we all know father of the year isn’t going to come over he can’t get sick. I like that he isn’t here and isn’t coming over don’t get me wrong. I just wish that he would come get the kids and take them like he is supposed to. Like now if he did I could take something that would probably help with my back, then I could sleep like it will make me and not have to worry. I would still have my work to get done but I could then have time tonight and tomorrow to get it done without having to worry about doing everything I need to for the kids and all that. I would be able to sit down work on it straight through until I was done. I would do better on it as well I am sure. As of right now they are in and out wanting stuff, asking stuff, fighting, or whatever else they want to do while I am trying to work on it and I miss things or what here and there.

Like right now I have one laying on my bed next to me telling me he wants to eat, while he lays here moving all around making me hurt worse and he is talking up a storm to me and telling me what he wants. This is the second time he has been in here because the older kids are not helping him like I ask them to do. So now instead of starting my work or taking something to get out of pain I have to go help him then start it and work in pain and with them running all around.

I have a huge project to get done by tomorrow evening and homework for all my other classes. Most the time I sit down today and tomorrow and knock it out but the way I am hurting I don’t know if I am going to get it done or not. This is no good at all.


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