I finished my project but I think I was in left field on what we were supposed to do and what I did. When I read it I took it to mean something different than what I did. I am not sure how it is all going to turn out for my grade. I read it again when I was turning it in because I had 3 parts to it that had to be turned in and I was trying to figure out where to turn in each part. That is when I released what she was asking for and what I understood were two different things. There wasn’t a lot I could do at that time but I think I kind of saved it and made it what she wanted but with way more detail than what she wanted. So I will probably get counted off on that part. It was just an over all hard project because of the way my family is. I will be happy with whatever grade I get because I did my best to do what she wanted and gave her all the information that I had that she asked for. To much detail is better than not enough right? I know not always and this maybe one of them times. But what is done is done. I think it will be okay. I should go look I haven’t been on since we turned them in maybe I have a grade already. I am kind of scared to look just because I hate to get a not so great grade on something even though I am okay with it because I know I did my best. If that makes since. I haven’t been on line to catch up here or even look at my grades since I was on here last and turned in my project Sunday.

I just looked one the small part I got 20 out of 20. She left a note saying that not everyone has access to their family history but that the idea of the project was to get us to look at what we have and don’t have or what and that she was looking foreword to reading through mine. In this part we were talking about what we thought of the project what we learned and things from it or what. I put that I had to just look up public record and go by what I already knew but didn’t have dates and things for a lot of it. So here’s to hoping for a decent grade on the project it’s self. One good thing it was only 120 points not 220 like it said, it was a miss type I guess. I got 20 so far.


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