The other day I had a problem with the truck and it needed 3 quarts of oil. I know this isn’t good at all and happy I caught it before it messed anything up. But it’s worse because I just had to put 3 in it about a month ago as well. Maybe a little longer but not much. When I had to put it in a month or so I didn’t see a leak so I figured it was like my other truck where it would need oil every so often but never could find a oil leak. I had read about it and there was something you could do to try and fix it but I had never tired it. It didn’t need oil all that often so it wasn’t a big deal and the fix was kind of a pain and a home done thing because there is no real fix you can buy and do. I figured I watch this one and see if it seemed bad enough to need to try and fix it or just keep and eye on it like my other truck. Well I didn’t need that much oil in such a short time. I could run it a while and not have to put some in it. It needing 3 quarts in a months time is bad.

Anyway yesterday I was out with my friend Wanda and we left the store and headed back to my house, we seen something in the parking lot so we turned into the store across the street and was going to go back. We decided not to and I went through the neighborhood behind the stores and was going to take the long way around. We got to the end of the street and I went to move the steering-wheel a and it wouldn’t move. I couldn’t figure out why then all of a sudden I looked down and all the lights were on, on the dashboard. I said shit the truck died. I thought the alternator but then said no it couldn’t be because the radio, lights and everything were still working and when it goes it won’t work most the time. Then I thought maybe the fuel pump because when I tried to start it it came on but acted as if it wasn’t getting enough fuel or something and would go off. I tried to call my friend that lived a few blocks over to come look at it his phone was turned off. I tried to call my other friend and her husband and didn’t get them. As a last resort I tried to call father of the year because he is the only one with a truck that I can tow mine with. I figured me and her could drive his and he could steer mine and we could at least get it home and the kids from school before he went to work. Nope he didn’t answer.

I got in it and was messing with it some more trying to figure out how to at least get it out of the road and where to park it. I figured out if I kept my foot on the gas it would stay running. I told her to get in and we took off. I went straight to my friends house who lived close. I figured even if he wasn’t home I could leave it parked there he would know it was mine and get a hold of me if I couldn’t him and wouldn’t have it towed. Him and his brothers were there doing stuff outside. I told him what was wrong he said he didn’t think it was the fuel pump and looked at it. He said some of the hoses were lose under the hood. I may have done that when I was reving it up trying to see if it would stay running and things. He then said that everything was covered in oil and that it was blowing oil somewhere and bad. But he didn’t now where. He cleaned something I forget what now I think the intake filter and things and it started running. He said that the CVP valve and elbow needed replaced. He said the elbow was flat and that may be where it was blowing oil from. He said they were about $10 each and he would put them on if I got them that I had some time to replace them. I got the kids from school picked up the part and it started smoking from under the hood again. I got back to his house and he was in side he couldn’t help me because his wife is really sick and he had 3 little ones to take care of and her. He said if I picked the little kids up and took it home it should be fine he would try to get a hold of me and fix it as soon as he could. He just came out for a minute to get something for his brothers earlier. I picked the little kids up and went home. I had Wanda with me because I was on my way to take her home but was scared to drive it anywhere else. It looked like oil was all under the truck on the ground. Well there was and we didn’t know from where. We got home I checked the oil and it had the same in it that it did when we broke down because I checked it to make sure that wasn’t the problem then. All the oil on his driveway mine would have showed low no way around it. I think it must have been from his brother that was parked there before me.

I decided I was just going to change the valve and elbow myself and get it done with because I didn’t have time to wait for someone else to do it whenever they could. I wasn’t driving it anymore risking blowing it up. I started looking under the hood on the passenger side and my friend was saying it was on the drivers side because that was were he was working. I don’t remember him saying where it was but I knew at the time when he was talking about it he was talking about the passenger side. I was just looking for the flat hose I figured it be easy to find. I couldn’t see it. So then I went and looked on the driver side. I tried to google it to see if I could find a picture or video and all I could find was for different motor or different truck. It was showing it in a different spot than I thought it should be from what he was saying and it said I needed all these tools and stuff. I called Father of the Year to see where he said it was and he was making no since and saying the same thing Wanda was saying on the driver side. I got up there and was looking again ( must have looked good standing on a chair to even be able to reach up in there.) on driver side. I guess I was in just the right spot because when I looked across the motor I seen this little hose with a dimple in it right on the passenger side. I moved over there and checked it out and sure enough it was that way on both sides. I knew that was what I was looking for. It was such a small piece of hose and the way it sits I couldn’t see the dimple from the passenger side. the dimple was back against the fire wall that area on that side and on the side of the hose facing the driver side. I pulled it right off no tools needed and the valve came right out with it. I open the new parts and went to put them on and the new elbow wouldn’t fit the valve it was to big. I tried to get it to work and it wouldn’t I put it on and in and then the valve was stuck in there because the hose wouldn’t stay on to pull it off. I was so mad I called the place I got it from and she said bring it back. I was surprised because it was open and had oil all on it. But she had trouble deciding what one it was and then said that was it so she knew they messed up. I thought they were about to close because they use to close really early, so I asked her because the only way I had to get there was walk. If they were I was going to see if they could have one of the drivers bring it to me. She said they closed in two hours so I walked up there. I took the old valve and hose with me to make sure I got the right one because I had to have it running that night.

I got back cut the hose and stuck it all right on and started it up. It ran great and hasn’t smoked or anything since then. I took my friend home the kids to school and picked them up and everything. I am just happy to have it fixed and to have saved myself $20 because I was going to give my friend $20 for doing it for me.

I have been joking with my friend for a few months about changing the fuel pump myself and she keeps saying no we can’t do it. I told her sure we could. She said her ex who was a mechanic had a hard time fixing the one on her truck we couldn’t do it. I said ok fine you come over take care of the kids and I will do it myself. I told her I don’t have money for all this crap I never have put a car in shop but twice and now I have no one to do it for me I guess I have to start learning to do it myself. If I take it down and do all that then I can put it back up. After I did that yesterday I said see I told you today this, this weekend the fuel pump! She said I was crazy, I told her maybe. I am not messing with the fuel pump right now I have to get other stuff done and it is fine. I don’t think it is going to go anytime soon. I am not sure I am keeping it yet so it be crazy to fix it if I am selling it. I know I won’t get any difference out of it probably if it is or isn’t fixed really. If I did it be not much to make it worth it. I am still going to talk to a few people about selling it. I just have been so sick I haven’t bother with anything hardly. I am still sick.

I need to replace the breaks soon it is coming up on time for that and I joked about that but I have to have someone put them on because that is not something I will try myself it risky if it don’t work. But one day.

I find I need a man for less and less the longer I am on my own and have to take care of stuff. And friends huh I find it funny that anytime any of them call me they have no trouble getting a hold of me and if they need something I am right there but when I call them I don’t even rank answering the phone. My good friend who fixed it when I got it to his house I understand and he has and will help me as much as he can when he can. I know he has three small sick kids and his wife is sick. I have this stuff going on a month now so I know how that is and dealing with sick kids. But everyone of the rest are always coming to me for help with this that or the other or money but I need help and they never answer their phones or have an excuse why they can’t. Over that too. I am going to be less help to more and more people again.

I was so tired and sore when I got done. When I got the new hose I had to get up under the hood of the truck to get the hose on the valve to get it out and then twist the hose onto the other part it went on then put the valve back in. I got stuck up there because I was trying not to knock the hood down on me and see where the ledge I stepped on was but it was back under the truck I had to get turned around just so I could get done. I hurt so bad, I was an oily mess, sweaty from walking. I came in took a shower and finished dinner feed the kids and made everyone go to bed. I fell a sleep at 9 woke up to the dogs at 3 something took them out and went right back to sleep until the clock went off at 7. I woke the kids up and sleep another house and half. I forgot all about my midterm I had at school today I didn’t study or anything for it. I was only at the school for twenty minutes total and had finished it and back in my truck. It was 50 questions and a lot he made way to easy the answer couldn’t have been but the one the rest made no since and weren’t even about what we were talking about. I am sure I did pretty good on that. I have felt better today than I have in a long time when it comes to being rested. But now tonight it is 11 pm and I am wide awake so who knows how the night will go.


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