{March 11, 2017}   Car Insurance

I had to get car insurance yesterday and boy I was not ready for what was coming even though I knew it was coming and going to be bad. I looked at plans with the company I have been with and it was close to or over $300 a month. I called another company and they told me less than $100 then I asked about accidents and things because she did not ask me. She put it all in and told me it would be $140 a month. Then she ran the driving history and all the other stuff she runs and it went up to $190 something a month. I told her about the very first accident I had but forgot about them giving me a ticket for it so that made it go up more. I wasn’t happy but didn’t feel like going through everything again with someone else so I just took it. I will have normal internet back on Tuesday and hopefully a little more free time. I figured I will shop around on line and see what I find. Mine was just up for renawl and I had to get something. They will have to return whatever money that is there I have not used so I haven’t lost anything. I have a feeling that it won’t be much cheaper but I will try.

I am going to need to get a job just to pay for that and the extra the rent is going up this month coming up. I have been looking but not a lot of options out there. They are working on about 5 empty buildings that have been sitting empty for a while, I am hoping that they put some decent places in around us and maybe something I can get a job at. We have so many empty buildings and half empty shopping centers or empty shopping centers its sad really. They just build more than to fix the ones that are sitting empty most the time. I understand why because most are older even though it don’t seem like it and the fact they are sitting empty for so long. I am just glad that some places are coming back to the area again and we are getting some new places. We got a Tractor Supply last year I think it seems so odd and out of places this is the last place I would think to put a Tractor Supply but it seems to do okay. I don’t think it is doing great or one of their better earning stores, but they seem to be building up customers slowly. I wonder how long it is going to be there really. But I may be wrong. I have to get school work done and police the kids it sounds like wwe death match in my living room and the oldest is upset. Maybe I will be back later.

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