I had my midterm meeting with the adviser today since I messed up last term and was put on warning I had to go see him before I could sign up for classes and then again in the middle of the term to check in on how things are going. I asked him how many classes I had left to finish my AS and he said 12 more. I wasn’t happy about that bu6t it is no one’s fault buy my own for screwing up last term, it is what it is. If I could take 3 classes the next three terms Summer, Fall and Spring I would be in the middle of my last term this time next year. I don’t see how I can do that if I don’t get a job asap so that I can pay for it. Then figure out how to juggle a job and classes. But I think I could do it. It will be about $2000 to take the 4 classes and my books I think. If not I could take 6 classes the next two terms and get it done with that way. I just don’t know that I can do 6 classes and handle it because I do have to go back to work at least part time and some of them would be in person. I am wondering if I shouldn’t do more in person classes to lessen the work that has to be done each week.

I talked to him about just getting the certificate for the program he said to talk to the lady over the program to see what kind of job and things I could get with it. But I still need one more class after this term to get that. Then maybe I could at least get my foot in the door somewhere and slowly work on getting my AA instead of my AS. Then I can go on to get my masters or whatever and have the AA out of the way. I think I am going to try to do everything I can to get the money together to take 4 classes this Summer go ahead take the class I need for the certificate and then go from there. That way I will at least have the class for that and a few of the others out of the way as well. If I have the certificate and it will help me get jobs then I wouldn’t be worried about moving tax time next year if I have worked all this year and get tax money back the first of the year. I would just pay the extra and take the rest of my AA or AS on line from where ever I decide to go and then find somewhere close to where I am to go farther at that time.

Right now I see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel knowing I can have my certificate soon. It’s a lot to think about and decide. For now I have to get off here and back to the school for my class. I had almost an hour before it started so I came home for a bit until it did.


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