{March 19, 2017}   Stress on Top of Everything

We were sitting here about 230 and Father of The Year called and wanted to know what we were doing. Of course my mom was with him they were a few blocks away they wanted to come over. I been trying to get the house back together since all of us been sick and things. We cleaned up and did some stuff. They said they were going to go get subs and then come over. Of course they got here and it was this wrong that wrong, the floors and how dirty they are. I have dirt by my front door, two dogs, 4 kids and they run around barefoot all the time. I have tile all through my house. We mop at least once a week and most the time twice a week. My walls are a mess they need to be wiped down. I have lived in this house for three years my walls need painted. I can’t just wipe them down the paint will come off the walls. I said well I want to paint but I always have the kids because someone never takes them like they are supposed to. Nothing was said after that about the walls. Then it was how they don’t have shots and to take them and get their tetanus shots. My house is so dirty they are going to get it from my house or the chickens or the animals.

I told them when they called that we were getting ready to go to the thing in the village and that we were leaving between 4 and 5 to go. They ate and had ice cream they brought for them. By then it was a little after 4, I went to my room and got ready why they were finishing up. As the kids got done I washed them up and got them dressed and ready to go. Once everyone was ready I open the door and told them to go get in the truck and gave them the key. At that point my mom was standing here in the floor talking to me I told her I had to go and get outside with the kids. Once she was done we went out and I locked the door talked to them another minute or so and we all left. I wasn’t going to sit here for hours for them to “see” the kids when they have anytime to do that and don’t ever do it.

We got there before 5 I was surprised, we walked around to the different table and looked at what all they had then started doing the actives. The kids got balloon animals, the bounce houses and face painting. The older three tried the rock wall and they all tried the human version of hungry hip o. That was interesting and funny.

The music was good I wanted to see the guy do the chalk demo it was at the end but for some reason they didn’t do it. We left there and headed home and remembered we had to go to the chicken coop. We ran out there and still made it home before dark. I still need to get the light on the truck fixed. The kids had a great time and I didn’t even have to chase them around the park they had enough fun doing the other stuff.

It was nice to just get out and do something just the 5 of us.

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