Monday evening I was looking on craigslist to see if I could find parts for my truck. I thought it was a long shot but was going to post looking for and decided to just look before I did. I also was looking at other trucks like mine to see what was out there for how much. But anyway I found an add I guy listed that he was parting out two F250’s it said he had pretty much everything even the motor I would love to have in mine. It was around 730 I called anyway but didn’t get anyone it was a business. I left my name and number told him I was interested in front end parts. I never heard from him this morning figured he probably didn’t open until around 10 (nothing around here does) I would give him time to get messages see what he had and give me a call. I went to the school with the big kids this after noon and forgot about it. I thought of it as we were leaving so I called him again and it went to voice mail again. I left another message and he called right back.

I told him I was calling about the trucks he was parting out asked if he had the bumper and brackets he said yes. He said he was at one the other was somewhere else. He went and looked at it said it was chrome it had a little bit of serfice rust but could probably get that right off. He give it and brackets to me for $100. He asked me what I was putting it on and what color I told him. He said I have one that is blue don’t know if it is same blue but it has everything on it still, at least it will be blue not look as bad as having a white this and blue that and green something else until you can get it painted. I told him I needed other parts but the main ones I had to get first were the bumper and support. I asked him if he knew about the grill support because I had been told it would work off a F250 and I had been told it wouldn’t. He said yes it would that everything was the same until you got to the back half of the trucks. I said that was what I thought. He asked what else I needed. I said I need hood, fenders, the support, bumper brackets and all the lights. He said you probably need radiator and things too then and was making a list. I said nope it is all cosmetic I am driving it right now nothing like that. He said I can do the hood w/hinges, both fenders, bumper with brackets, support, all the lights and if there are other little things you need probably for $300 and another $75 I can get it taken off if you really need me to we are just very busy right now so it be a few days, hows that sound?

I said that sounds wonderful, I told him I was a single mom with 4 kids and had this accident and trying to put everything back together out of pocket. I told him I would try and find someone to take it all off for me and asked him if I came to see the parts tomorrow and wanted them if he would give me until Sunday to get someone to get them off because if I found someone I have to do it around them working. He said that be find and if he had some free hands come up he would try to get them to get as many of the parts off that they could get at no extra cost. I was shocked. He said it’s just hard because with business we have been super busy I haven’t had anyone free to do anything with them and my friend has it at his lot and needs it moved. I couldn’t go today well I could have but it would have been close to 530 or 6 when I got there then have drive home with one light, plus have kids to still cook for, get baths feed and get to bed. He said I am really busy today if you want to come tomorrow that would be great. I said that works better for me too I get out of class at 12 pick the kids up at 1 and can come down it take me this long to get there. He said that would work good just call him or text him let him know I’m on my way.

I just pray he isn’t wasting my time running me down there for something that is a mess. Talking to him he didn’t sound like he was, he didn’t even say they had damage to them he said he had the front clip in good shape. He seemed decent on the phone and not like he was wasting my time. I just find it odd that the add was listed 28 days before and then relisted 8 days and that he has so much left. Because what he has and what I have are so hard to find used parts for that someone hasn’t jumped on them. But maybe no one really thought to look on there because you mostly find junk. Father of the Year looked on there the other night found a bumper that looked so/so for $50 but it was way up north of me almost back to where he went to the junk yard and looked. I wasn’t driving that far to get it because I didn’t think it was really worth it. I hadn’t really been in to much of a hurry to get the stuff other than I really need the light. I been going to order them almost every night but haven’t I fall a sleep before I do. Guess he didn’t get a bumper up there Sunday for a reason. If he had I never would have looked on there for anything not found all the rest of the stuff I need.

If it is all in good shape and I am getting a steal. A new bumper is $152, new brackets are $110, finders are $200, lights are $130, support is right at $100 hood is over $200. Then I have to have the money to paint the hood and fenders because they are just plain ready to paint and have to be done. Last time it cost me $100 a fender to paint just them. I was only going to be able to get bumper, support, and lights right now it was going to cost me $495. He is giving me everything for $300. This will be answer to prays if it all works out.

Like he said at least it is all painted not paying extra for that right now until I can get it done. I want to paint it the blue/purple color my last truck was. I was it was a light blue everyone else said it was purple. I figure if I am going to save all that money on parts I am going to take the money I would have spent once I start working on parts and have it painted. The paint job on there now isn’t horrible but it is 17 years old and it is got some little places here and there I like to get taken care of before it starts to look worse and cost more to paint later.

That was pretty easy I was able to look up what color my old truck was. I figured the body shop would have to look them up I would have to try to match it up. I was thinking I had the vin number here somewhere for it, I know they can put the vin number in and it will tell them what color it was when it was made. I never really thought about trying to find it on line. It is called Portofino Metallic Blue. It isn’t to common, everyone use to say we know when it’s you coming or if we pass you because there isn’t another truck around that color. I have seen one like mine, one pick up and one explorer that is it. It was funny because when I moved in here the guy that lives a few blocks away had one just like mine so that was two like mine then. I just hope they can still get it and do it in that color. It will go with my seats they are the gray. But that will be a while before I can do that but it is nice to dream right. I asked my one friend but he has his little girl. I may have to see if I get a sitter for all the kids if he will go with me and help me. My friend Wanda said she would watch all the kids. I just hate asking him to do it when I don’t have extra to give him right now. If I had extra I would just give the guy the extra and tell him let me know when he has them off I be there to pick them up. I may still have to and figure out where to get it from. I owe a fee for renewing my lease almost $200 plus the extra $25 they added to my rent and I have to pay the kids 4h stuff along with a few other bills by the first. I think I have until the middle of the month to pay car insurance so that is good and a few other things.

I want to go look for a job but it is hard with my truck looking the way it does too because people really look at how your dressed and what you are driving and all that kind of thing around here. I had one guy stand outside to see what I drove up in and a lot of other places you pull up right in front they can look out and see it. If your cars all messed up they aren’t interested in talking to you. Had some places tell me if your car has this or that wrong with it or problems like mine I couldn’t even park it at the house or at the apartments. Trust me it isn’t like we are talking about HOA areas or ritzy nice areas. People just love to act like they are better than the next and their shit don’t stink around here and if you don’t fit their look forget it. I should be able to get these and get them on this weekend if everything goes well. I not worried to much about putting them on. I take them off my truck then I will know how they go on. I am not worried about denting something on my truck trying to take it off because its coming off anyway so I would tackle the job of putting them on myself. It’s just getting them off and here to put on.


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