{April 1, 2017}   $1000 Chickens

Who would have thought a dozen chickens would bring in right around $1000 for three kids in 4-H. I know they told the kids to expect about $75 or so a bird, I really expected maybe $30 a bird. It was auction so it was hard for the kids to understand and keep track of what was happening because they never been to them. They were spread out and I was trying to make sure the boys didn’t drop their birds or let them lose so I didn’t get to hear what they sold for. They each had three birds to sell, they auctioned them off one at a time but just showed one bird. Not sure how that worked I would think people would want to see the bird they were buying but they are all the same and they were running late so it worked good. My oldest placed as Grand Champion of the show for her trio. She was second up to auction her birds off, if she understood right I she walked away with $500 and then another $20 for her extra she sold to the packer before we went home. The boys kind of got short changed along with the other kids who ended up at the end because most those birds only went for $75 maybe $100. I think the boys each made around $228/$300 each plus they each got $20 from the packer for their extra chickens. I do not think they really know how much their sister made and I don’t plan to tell them. I think she will also get some extra from the fair over all for being the Grand champ.

When we first got to the fair her birds had a blue ribbon we went out came back and it was traded for a purple ribbon. It was for the same thing but it said for area south of us. We weren’t sure if there was someone for grand champ picked for each area or one over all, so we went to ask the lady that runs the 4h. We just wanted to make sure that they didn’t give it to her for the wrong area and that keep someone from getting it because they thought she was from that area. It was a nicer ribbon than the other, she said that they had some left from last year and was trying to use them up but that the fair was in that area and they put that city this year they just put the county so they could be used regardless. She said if she wanted one of the other one then she would see if they had one left. She told her not that one was great, she wanted to be sure that everyone got what they were supposed to get was all. She said not and this is really a big deal getting the grand champ out of everyone, you should be really proud of yourself. We were really shocked more than anything because we didn’t “clean” our birds, oil them, look to see if they were close in size and the biggest thing of all check to see if they all had the same laying capacity. Laying capacity was the one thing that they said would make or break how you were judged. When we got to the coop last night we were going to try and check it but my oldest was the only one that really knew how to do it. She was having a hard time and we finally just decided that we were going to grab three birds take them over get them checked in, tested and stick them in a kids cage. That was what we did, I didn’t even think about trying to look at size and if they were close to size. I think because they said that didn’t matter they were looking for laying. Just grabbing birds and sticking them in cages and her pulling off grand champ is really amazing. I wasn’t really worried about cleaning them they were in the coop with hay so they really weren’t dirty.

Poor Little Bitty was so upset when it came time for auction she wanted to auction off “her” birds too. She has to be 5 to be in 4-H so she has another year to go before she can have her own and do anything. She will only be 4 in 3 days. And she decided today when she is old enough to be in it she wants to raise a Tom turkey and the other kids can raise their chickens because they are so much cooler. The kids showed their trio in the auction then found a packer or buyer looking for chickens and sold him the extra three they had for $20 each. We talked after we got home and they agreed we should take the $60 from the three extra chickens they sold and give to Little Bitty since she did go help feed them and collect eggs, she goes to all the meetings and spent all day at the fair so they could do what they had to do. It be nice to do so she had some money and to make her feel like a part of it all. They all three agreed. I was going to have them pay for their birds and the feed that was used for the project and give her that, but since the boys ended up making a lot less than the other kids and my oldest I decided if that would be nice and they all get a little something to do something with.

My oldest wants to go to a big country concert coming up here in a few weeks, I do not have money to buy tickets for it so she is talking about buying tickets for that so we can go. It would be for the weekend a big three day thing.

Big Boy wants to put the money with the money he already has saved and buy a tortoise and cage for it. He has wanted this thing for years so he is thrilled to finally have enough money to get it. I have to find room for this growing zoo. We are not getting anymore animals after this.

Big Guy wants to but imaginex or something like that with his. I am not sure he understand how much he has or how much what he wants cost. I am going to sit down see if there is something nice he would like to have or something fun he would like to do with it and maybe save some.

Over all $1000 for about $250 investment.

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