I can not believe the new girl in town is 4 years old already. She brought papers home the other day saying she needed to sign up for vpk for next year. I was like this isn’t for you, you have another year…then it hit me no she don’t she will be in vpk this year when school starts back. She is growing up so fast it is unreal.

She took mini cupcakes and milk to school to share with her class. We just did cake and dinner here with me and the kids tonight. She is so funny I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner tonight so I could go to the store if I needed to. She said chicken noodle soup. I said oh okay I can make you some homemade chicken soup that works good because we have chicken from tonight I can use. She looked at me and said no mom I want Dory Soup you get in the can from the store. I said you want a can of chicken noodle for your birthday dinner instead of something else or homemade? She said yes I want Dory kind. She got Dory chicken soup for her birthday dinner and me and the kids had homemade chicken soup. I tried to get her to eat some of ours and she would have no part of it. Hey if she is happy and had a good birthday then I’m happy.

I picked her gift up from us and gave her. I got her two of the new super hero figures they have that are like Barbies but they are Bat women or Wonder women. I picked out Bat women and Harley Quin. I figured she have a good guy and bad guy. She told me they are both good and they are friends. I like these they don’t have clothes like Barbies they just have their cape and everything is painted on but like the bat ears or their glasses I just left the things on that hold the ears and glasses on. They had some with cute outfits that were a little nicer but I didn’t spend the money and get them because as soon as she gets a new doll of any kind she rips its clothes off and it lays around naked from then on. I figured this was better and I got two for the same money I would have gotten one for. I like to get her a few of the others maybe when she gets a little older and won’t rip everything off and have a naked baby laying around and the clothes getting messed up. I love they made them for the little girls. She thinks it is cool she can play super hero’s with her brothers now and have her own girl ones.

She wants to have a party everyone come over, I think I am going to do cake and things Easter when everyone is together. I ended up doing that for her fist birthday I think it was because we had just moved in here and Easter was not that far away. I had to get the house put together and things before I could have a party anyway because we moved in 3 days before her birthday.

She is s funny and smart, she is always doing something my little handful already. But I can’t imagine life without her.


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