As you all know me and the kids want to move out of state we are just waiting on me to get done with school so that we can. We have to still decide where we are going to go and things as well. But the last few months it is starting to seem real. I don’t know why but the last few weeks I have been thinking about it more and really starting to working on the things that have to be done or need to be done to make our plan go as smooth as it can.

I checked my credit and credit score the other day and am working on a few things I think should not be on there. I am hoping they will come off and bring it up a good amount and then I am going to try to get a credit card to help show open line of credit that is good. I hope between the stuff coming off bringing my score up and hopefully going back to work I will be able to get one. If I can’t I guess I will go for a secure card. For a little while to start off. I do not want to carry a huge balance on it, I just want to use it for gas or gas and paying bills on each month. Then pay it off when the statement comes in each month.

If I work between now until the end of the year then I can file taxes. Since Father of the year can’t get any credits and things for the kids then I am going to see if he will just let me file them. That will give me a good amount back in taxes in March. I want to put that away to move on.

I think I will also use part of it for me and the kids to take a road trip Spring Break of next year. We will pick out our top picks that we are considering moving too and go check them out in person. Then hopefully be able to pick one to move to.

If all goes well I would like to move the first week of June. Here the kids get out middle of May that will give us a little time to get things settled up here and get ready to go. That will also give us the Summer to get settled in wherever we go learn our way around and things before the kids go back to school. I hope to go with job leads and be able to start when I get there or shortly after. I want to learn the area and save some money to buy land. I want to buy at least 25 acres. I figure if I have 25 that will give me 5 to put a house on and do with whatever I want to do with it. That will leave me 5 for each of the kids to put a house on if they want to. This way they will have the land just have to put something to live in on it. They will have 5 to do with what they want to do with it. Plus it gives all room to put a place and not be right on top of each other but still be close if we want to. If they don’t want their 5 right away or ever I will have extra do with what I want. But knowing my animal loving kids they will want their 5 to have their animals and all that on.

I want to find an area that is nice, kid friendly, out away from things but not 50 miles from a store and things. We want to be out in the country where we can do what we want and no one is around to care and if they are they don’t. I hate living right on top of people like I do now.

We also want to do a horse program where we do therapy with kids and adults with the horse’s. But that will not happen for another three years or so. Longer term goals to go with our shorter term goals.

We still have not told family other than Father of the Year and I don’t think he thinks we are going to really do it. But he will see when it happens. I have to start filing my papers through the courts about the first of next year as well so that I make sure it gets done by the time I want to go.

Off to research some states.


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