Monday night when Father of the Year was here he was all worried about what me and Wanda were going to go out and do in his truck. He kept telling us not to drink and drive. He acts like we are going to get drunk and drive. Most the time we go to all different places and we will stay at each one a little while. I will have maybe a drink when we get there or drink a one drink the whole time we are there. Sometimes I will just do a shot when we get there then have a coke or something. It takes a lot for me to start feeling anything from shots or mixed drinks one reason I don’t have more because I don’t want it to effect me before I am feeling it. I have to drive and I am not risking getting pulled over and all that involves. One drink and I am good until we get the next place in an hour or two. Plus I don’t have a ton of money to spend either. I may spend $20 all night if we go out between two people. Two people are not going to be drinking much one $20.

Anyway that night when we were sitting out front waiting on him to go home he came out and was talking to us. Way back after we split up some how a joke got started about him not having “tadpoles” anymore he had frogs because he wasn’t getting it anymore. Monday night my friend said something about hearing a frog and said every time I hear one I think of you and laugh, talking to Father of the Year. From there it went on to how long it had been since anyone of us had, had sex. My friend said it been about a year, Father of the Year said something about it being since before we split up or something. I reminded him of his Craigslist girl, he said he hadn’t had sex with her all she would give him was hand job. I said something along the lines of being glad it hadn’t been that long for me and kept talking. Wanda turned around and said wait so what you are say is you getting it more than we are? Where are you getting it? I looked at her and said I plead the 5th, and the 7th and the 8th…. I said how many of them are there again anyway because I plead them all and just laughed. I was surprised because Father of the Year didn’t say anything at all.

After he left Wanda messaged him something joking around about frogs. He messaged her back and they started talking. Oh and we had been asking him about where he was like 20 years ago if he was in North Carolina and things. Her daughters boyfriend looks more like him than any of my three kids that are his. He stopped and was thinking about where he was then. Because we said if you were he is probably your long lost kid that you didn’t know about or you left and haven’t told anyone about. He stopped and was thinking. I said really you have to think about it you don’t know if this kid could be yours or not? Then he was like no I was here at that time it would have had to be just before that. I said and you had to think about it? Then he got this stupid look and said no he couldn’t be mine I hadn’t been with anyone but her (talking about me) when we got together. I don’t know if I believe him now or not? I did and didn’t back then wasn’t sure because of different things. So then she was like wait he was how old and hadn’t been with no one. then they were talking about that and how he wasn’t seeing anyone now and things. She keeps telling him he is seeing my mom and things he keeps saying no.

Then he told her he felt guilty about what happen between me and him and he was worried about making the same mistakes with someone else. I forget what else. But he admitted it was his fault then in around about way tried to take it back. But he done said it. She ask him what happen? He said he figured I already told her. She said no she really don’t talk about you at all. He said really? I figured she did. Yeah like I have nothing better to do than talk about him all the time. But I know he thinks I do and that I tell everyone all these horrible things about him because he says it to me all the time. I don’t say anything that isn’t true or didn’t happen. So he heard it right there I don’t talk about him all the time. We have talked about what happen or about him here or there, if he is coming to see the kids, paying or something like that and we have talked here and there about the divorce or things he has done. But not all the time or nothing like he thinks. I might say or he did this or that when we were together or he does this or that or something but that is about it. He acts like that is all I talk about 24/7 with anyone and everyone that comes around.

He told her yeah he was really trying to move on and not be so jeoules and that tonight when I made the comment about being with someone else and pleading the 5th he didn’t even want to know who it was or anything about it. He said he just hopes I am careful about who I bring around the kids. Who I bring around the kids Really, when he sets these dates up with people off craiglist, never met them and tries to take my kids along to meet them for the first time or the second time. He told her it was hard for him to move on and hard for him to meet new people because he clams up around people. He told her he thought it be okay because I am good about things like that and who I hang around or bring around.

He said some other things too and she ask him stuff he say she didn’t tell you or yall don’t talk about that stuff. She just say no. He would say stuff I tell her say this or that or ask him this. I am surprised that he talk to her and said anything that he was saying because I figured he think I was sitting right there and seeing it. But I think he thought I went to bed. I wish I could think of the things he was saying to her.

Oh they were talking about Little Bitty and she ask him so who’s do you think she is? Just to see what he would say. He said he really thought she was RC’s was telling her about the place on the bridge of her nose like RC and one of his kids and that I was with him at the time. He told her about me being with my friend that I go see sometimes too but that it was to long before I got pregnant with her so it wasn’t his. Like he knows when I go see someone or what. But he knows that if I am with someone I am not going to cheat or what. If I am with you I am with you I do nt not need anyone else or want anyone else. Me and Father of the Year may not have been divorced but it was coming I was done I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would never get back with him for any reason what so ever. The divorce was just a technicality that he drug out and made take forever.

He hasn’t said anything to me about any of it or ask what I meant the other night or who I am seeing. I am just waiting because he has said before oh I am over it I am moving on and then right back to same old same. He hasn’t told me this time and not that long ago he was screaming at me and yelling at me that he wasn’t doing this and that to please my boyfriend or just so I could see my boyfriend or what. That he wanted to know who I was seeing and that I had to tell him because of the kids. I told him I wasn’t seeing anyone and that I wasn’t bring anyone around the kids therefor I didn’t have to tell him anything or let him meet anyone if he had a problem with anything I was telling him he could take me back to court because I knew they would tell him everything I was telling him and that I was going to ask for more child support when we went.

He did ask me tonight if Wanda and the person she is staying with were together? I told him it depended on which one he ask I guess. She is in the same kind of boat I was in with Father of the Year the last few years. He said oh and it really don’t matter there really isn’t anything out there better than me or him anyway probably end up with worse. I said I don’t know about that. He started get mad I could tell he said what’s that supposed to mean? I said just what I said you don’t know how anyone is or that they are better or worse than you. He started to say something and walked off.


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