Today started out with me forgetting about taking a Wanda’s boyfriend somewhere this morning. But he was supposed to get a hold of me and remind me a day or two before and he didn’t. It is Spring break so things have been more laid back and just laying around relaxing no rushing to get everyone up and to school, no rushing to school myself and all that. Add to it I am back on my not sleeping until after day light. My friend messaged me this morning around 1130 I called I told him I could do A but not B and C. B and C he really needs to step up and figure out for himself and take care of. He just kind of decided that this would just be how it would be since I agreed to help with A. I didn’t mind the first time but I didn’t know it was going to be a every time thing. I didn’t want to deal with it today. I just told him I have all this to do I will give you a ride and run you home then I will go take care of the rest of the stuff I have to do. I don’t have time for you to do the other stuff. He couldn’t do A without doing B and C he could just do it work around it but he didn’t want to do that so he skipped A. That is not my fault, I had to take care of paperwork I forgot about I fell back to sleep because I couldn’t hold my eyes open I couldn’t drive around that way.

I finally had everyone showered feed rounded up and headed out the door, I open the door and walk into this huge box taller than me and then a box at my knees. I as like what they Hell is this and where did it come from? Then as I said it I thought of it, it was my lights and grill support for my truck. I drug it in the house and we left. I was so excited to come home and start trying to tear the truck down and putting it back together. That didn’t happen.

As we were walking out the door and dragging the boxes in my Big Boy said his tooth was hurting, I said okay we will call the dentist tomorrow and if it is still hurting when we get home I will get you something for pain. He just said it was bothering him I didn’t think anything of it. We got to therapy and we were all talking and he starts crying that his teeth are hurting and hurting really bad. Me and the therapist started looking up dentist and trying to find one that would take our insurance. I finally found one that would take it and said I had to come in fill out paperwork and they could get him in, in the morning. As soon as we left therapy we went straight there and then they told me that they couldn’t put him in the computer until in the morning and that they will call me as soon as it is done. I brought him home and gave him something for pain and he said it got better and he hasn’t complained since. I am wondering if it isn’t his other teeth coming in pushing them out because it is the same tooth on both sides. I have had that happen before and I think it is worse pain than a infection. I remember crying with it myself, to have two doing that I can’t imagine.

Since that happen I didn’t start trying to take the truck apart because I was worried if something happen and it didn’t get put back together I couldn’t take him when they called. I was just happy to find somewhere that would take him going into a holiday weekend. I looked at some things to see what I would need but I really don’t know still because I need to take some things apart to see what all I am going to need. I will probably end up walking up to the store to get more parts that I need. Looks like just some little bolts, bulb, connectors things like that.

I should be sleeping now because it is 2:13 am but I am wide awake watching Sister Wives. I can’t count how many shows I have watched at this point. This kodi is a bad little thing for tv’s. I either don’t watch tv at all or a binge watch like tonight.

I can’t wait to put the lights on the truck I won’t have to worry about getting pulled over. I took one out of the box and looked at it tonight and they are really nice. I wasn’t going to open any of the boxes until I was ready for them but I couldn’t stand it I wanted to see what they really looked like. They are a lot nicer than what they look on line, I am happy because I almost didn’t buy them because I wasn’t sure how they were going to look. I was worried they weren’t going to be as nice I was expecting so being nicer was a bounce.


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