I think I may have figured out a way to take the 4 classes I need to take over the summer. I have used all my aid and loans but they do have a payment plan you can set up so that you make payments each month I think it is. I am going to go in Monday and talk to them see if I take the 4 classes I want to take if I can set up a payment plan. I have to see how much money they want a month and how long I have to pay it all off.

As long as I can keep it up until September I will get my loans and grants again. Once those come in I can pay it in full and be done if I have not paid it off yet. I really do not want to be taking 6 classes the next two semesters. It is going to be a lot to take on and I have to get my math class in there some how and pass it. I think the math class is going to be the one class that holds me up from getting my degree in May next year. Even if it does I am going to still move. I can take the math class on line and just pay to take the test and do it on line as well. It maybe better if I end up taking it by itself too. I will take it in the Fall and give my self a break to get to know the area get settled in after the move and everything. But taking just the math will make it easier for me to study and put more time into it. I just need to study a little right now to retake the test and pass it so I don’t have to take other math classes before I can take the one I need. I can work on it over the Summer that year since it is all work at my pace and things.

If I end up needing to take math later by it self I am going to go ahead and have them give me the certificate if I can then I will at least have that to help me get a job. Then once I pass the math and have my degree maybe I will get a better job, better position where I am or more money at least. I just hope it works and I am able to set this payment plan up and get it take care of.

I am also going to start job hunting hopefully Monday if I have the lights in the truck. There is a place close here that I am going to go to this week that is having a job fair, I plan to go to they start at $12 an hour. That would be great because I think I figured I need to make at least $12 or $12.50 to pay everything on my own without the SSI check. That will be good because they will cut it if Father of the Year plans to start paying me again like he he says. I know at that amount even if I work full time with all 5 of us they will not take any away because I am working.

I feel like as much of a mess everything was in just a few short months ago that everything is falling into place again and feel good that they are going to work out. Really looking at the bigger picture and the year over all it wasn’t all that bad. Everyone hits a ruff patch now and then or has things happen and have to get through them. Life isn’t going to be great all the time. I think with my depression and just overall, all that we have been through and still trying to pull our self out and get on top again set backs no manner how big or small seem like a disaster that is taking us out.


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