{April 14, 2017}   Why Can’t People Just Show Up

I am back to trying to get all this extra furniture out of my house and I am almost to the point of just giving it away as bad as I need the money. I listed it all in two different places the other day, no sooner than I listed it I had someone who wanted pictures of the bed. I pull it out set it up take pictures and send them. They wanted it they would come at lunch time or right after work the very next day to get it. I text them yesterday afternoon to make sure they were still coming after work so I would be home to meet them. Oh no sorry I can’t my daughter has a high fever I am not going to be able to make it but thinks for asking and offering.

What the fuck did I offer you people I ask if you were coming to pick something up that you told me you would be here to get this evening? I didn’t get that at all but I didn’t say anything. I just said okay thank you let it go. If they really wanted it that bad why would they not say hey sorry my kid is sick is there anyway I can pick it up tomorrow or the next day? They must not have wanted it as bad as they said or changed their mind for some reason. Kid sick changed their mind or whatever the fuck that happen why didn’t they at least offer to text me and say hey sorry this happen or I changed my mind I am not coming for the bed tonight just so you don’t wait around for me? Even just a simple not coming but not they say nothing and if you don’t ask you sit and wait and wait for them to show up while you could be doing other stuff that you need to get done and they never show and you never hear from them. I use to give people my address and everything upfront I stopped I tell them text me when your on your way and I will give you the address. This way if they are not texting me 20 or 30 minutes at least before they are supposed to be here it is a pretty good bet they are not coming. This keeps others from showing up way earlier too. I have had them do that as well then at least if I am home I can put the dogs up and be ready or tell them I am not there but on my way.

I know I shouldn’t be letting people come to my house but I do not have time to be packing 4 kids up and whatever it is that people want to go meet somewhere for them not to show up because if I do that and they don’t show I am going to be even madder than if they just don’t show at my house. Plus this stuff I am not loading and unloading and tall that. I either put it on the carport and meet them outside when they get here or I have it in this room off the back of the house, we have no fenced just a yard with roads a on three sides and people around. I walk them around the house to the back room and let them go in and look. Then they can just pull up to the room and load if they want it.

I do not bring anyone in my house. And the dogs are right on the other side of the door that leads into my house from that back room and they are barking and having a fit because they hear us back there so people know I have them. I have a had a few women make comments and one that made me feel a little unconformable about who lives in my house and about the dogs. I tell them yes me the kid, dogs and my guns feel pretty safe here with my cameras. It’s none of anyone’s business who is or isn’t here or living in my house. They hear the kids and dogs and they assume that I don’t have a husband scene I have no one to help left and load the stuff they have to bring someone their self.

I just wish that people will tell me they are not coming. It simple and easy and it’s not like I can really do anything because your not. I just don’t want to sit here forever waiting on you to show up or telling others it is sold and then they don’t show up. I started putting first come first served no holds. If someone says I am coming I live this far away I tell them okay I will hold it for you if you are leaving and on your way right now. If they are an hour away I will hold it about an hour and half to hour and 45 minutes If they are hear close to me I will hold it about 45 minutes. Then if someone else is asking I tell them they can come get it. If they can’t come I will tell them I haven’t had anyone else ask about it right now so if you want to contact me when you are off work or this that then let me know I will let you know if I still have it. This one i just told them sure come get it after work they couldn’t even say hey I’m not coming that is why i don’t hold.

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