Today Father of the Year came over and put the grill support on and the headlights in. I went Easter shopping for the kids while he was doing it. I get home he dropped one of my new headlights on the grown and scuffed up the plastic front. I was so mad. He said he put the support on and put them on the truck and was bolting everything in. Who puts a headlight in, doesn’t bolt it down and walks off to shake the truck around and bold the other one and other things in? That is what he done stuck them both in the spots where they went and then started bolting the one in instead of doing one then putting the other one up there. I told him it better work or he would be buying them I was not paying for them if he broke it.

I got different ones than what was in there because the old ones didn’t look right with the grill that is on it. They look really nice in there. I think once I can finally get the bumper I want it should look really good. The bumper is black as well. I was hoping it would look better than it has been when I got the lights in at least but it don’t really look any better. It does but not all that much. The way the trucks sit and how big they are I guess the bumper sits really high up the front, it seems like then it has all that plastic crap around the bottom of it that hangs down about another foot or two from the bumper. I don’t like the plastic on there and from what I can tell with the bumper I want it don’t have that. But with no bumper or that plastic stuff it looks like way more than the bumper and that plastic is missing when that is really all that is missing. Once the bumper is on it looks normal and not like anything is missing. I have to get a job soon I just needed to wait until I got the lights because all that I know about I could probably walk in and get right now but they want you at night and in the day. The one I want pays $12 and hour to start and up depending on the position you get. I think I just like to be a cashier and be done, I don’t want to take on more stress than I have to at a job since I am going to be going to school too. One of the other positions would pay more and let me have more left at the end of the month but as long as I can pay the bills and things I am good. I am going to ask about the others then decide. I think I could get any one of of them it’s do I want them, is all the extra involved worth the extra in pay? Or doing the other with less stress and less pay really the one that pays more since it isn’t as stressful and paying more than other places for the same job. I guess I will have to check them all out good and see.


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