{April 27, 2017}   A Long Week

I can’t believe it has only been ten days that I have been gone. It feels like a year, so much has happened. I was at therapy with the kids today and just telling her what happen the last week since we were there, that took an hour and she was in shock and couldn’t believe it. She always says what you tell me goes on in a day most people couldn’t do in a week.

Tonight is the first night I have felt like writing in a long time. The last month or more I have not felt like writing or posting at all but I did it because it was stuff I wanted to get out or stuff I wanted to have to look back on later, so I did it. I have wanted to post since Friday but have been dealing with and going through to much to even have time or really want to do it. I will break it up into a few post or it will end up being one huge post that I wouldn’t even want to read. Don’t know if I will get to all of them tonight or not but will get at least one done. Heck I don’t know if there is even more than two to write, I really can’t even remember anything before Friday. I am going to think about it as I write in hopes of remembering something.

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