The scumbag and whore are still at it. I sent him a message telling him that I needed him to give me the money he was supposed to give me and he ignored it. I told him he is supposed to update me and the court with new number and address. I told him if he didn’t come and make sure the kids had what they needed I would be going to courts this week to have his support upped since he don’t take them and since he is paying on half the rate of pay he is really making. I sent him a picture of a harness thing I found outside and ask him what it was and what it was for. I figured it was for work and he was going to need it for work. I didn’t want to get rid of it and have that come back on me for selling their property. I figured I would give it to him if he wanted to give me the money he owes me or tell his job they could send someone to get it. He seen all the messages he didn’t respond. He didn’t say anything about the harness either. I messaged him and said I guess it isn’t needed or important either so I can get rid of it too since you are not answering. Still nothing. I have no way of contacting him what so ever if something was to happen to one of the kids and I needed to, he knows this and don’t care.

Saturday He posted on his page in a relationship with Wanda, I’m in love. Everyone was telling him how happy they were for him how much he deserves it and things. Mostly people from our old church and guys he use to work with. I started to post something telling how the whore was supposed to have been my best friend and moved in my house while sneaking around behind my back and not bothering to give his kids the money he owes them or taking care of them why he spends it on her. But I didn’t, I just left it alone. yesterday I tried to look at something on his page and send him a message and it said I was not allowed to see his stuff and that he was not available when I tried to message him. His phone is off because he didn’t pay it. But I think that he got a new one to start with because he had it turned off but not off like he didn’t pay it. Now it is off because he dint’ pay it. But I am sure the way he is he is not walking around with no phone and they are both on and off line all the time and neither one has a computer.

He posted a picture of the two of them looking fucked up I don’t know if they are drunk or high me and my baby. It took him two tries to even get it all up and it was on two different post so he was something because he knows how to post stuff.

I talked to her ex yesterday and he said she was wanting to come get her id still because she never did the other night. He said he told her to get it and that he stopped her mail. She got mad and wanted to know why and said he didn’t think that he needed to do that so soon. He told her she had moved the 21st and she had long enough. She said that she hadn’t even had time to find a place to stay and things. He told her to go to the post office and pick it up until she did. He told her again if she didn’t get her stuff by the 6th it was going in the trash. She wanted to pick up the cat, but not the rest of her stuff. I said where is she going to take the cat if she has no place? He said the same thing.
He told me that she told someone else they were a couple counties over yesterday just to get a way from everything here and clear their heads. I said isn’t that nice out spending money he says he don’t have why he leaves everyone here hanging. I said funny that is where they picked to go to “get away”. Right where they went was where I packed me and the kids up and went a few months after my dad passed away. No one knew we were going or that we went until we were back. He was mad wanted to know why no one told him or invited him? He didn’t even live in my house nothing and thought we should just invite him along. He says stuff about it all the time when it comes up he had just brought up the other week and what we did and where we went why we were up there. When he ask why we went I told him just that we went to get away from everything have a break we been through enough and sitting in the house wasn’t helping.

She also told him she was now known as the biggest bitch and everyone was mad at her and hated her. They were saying this had been going on for months and it wasn’t it just happened and it just happened with in the last few days. I said tell her that the biggest bitch wasn’t what he had heard and that was putting it nicely from what he had heard.

I say she is a whore I don’t just say it because of what she just did I say it because she is. Her brother and everyone says it. She will tell you oh I will do this or that for pack of smokes I slept with my ex’s friends because I was pissed at him. Oh my ex I just left all his friends I have slept with them but most of them were before we got together. Hell her ex now had a few guys come up and talking about being with her and she don’t even remember. She told me about being with my cousin and not even knowing his name until after when she asked him. She has those three kids has no idea who any of their dads are and just left them with whoever claimed them or she was married to at the time and left. It’s unreal how someone can do such a thing.

I knew she had a past but she seemed to have settled down not be doing that anymore and wanting to and trying to get her life straight. We just hit it off and became friends and like best friends after a while. Then she decided she wanted to get out of where she was because of the way things were and her health it just wasn’t making it any better. I trusted her and figured if she wanted to come here we could help each other out and it be great for all of us. She get to work get a car and things. I could go to school, work and do what I needed to do and not have to worry about my kids and who was or wasn’t taking care of them. Boy was I wrong.


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