When I was talking to Wanda’s ex last night he told me that she told him Father of the Year told my kids all what he planed to do and they were okay with it and happy for him. I said what? None of them said anything to me about it. I called my oldest in the bedroom where I was and ask her about it. I ask her what her dad had told them when he was taking them to school the last few days before he left?

She said on Thursday he told them that he was leaving and going to get a place of his own, said he was going to look at some trailers. He wanted to be able to have them over and do things with them more. Then Friday he told them that he meet someone and that he was happy and that he wanted them to know or something like that. He told them it was Wanda, they said they just told him that they liked her and things but that was it really. I am sure they didn’t know what to say being so early and on their way to school and all this being thrown at them. I am sure they are not sure what to feel or think that being their dad and things. I told them all of it Saturday, I told them how he isn’t coming to get his stuff he, he didn’t pay the money he was supposed to, that they lied about all this and used me to get her from where she was and she was going to stay here and do this behind my back without me knowing until I found out and he finally told me. I told them that he decided to take the money he was supposed to bring us and went on his little trip and took her and how they been out parting knowing that we needed money for bills and things. I am not lying for him or covering anything up for them anymore. They are big enough to see he isn’t here and things. If he is going to tell them shit and tell them to hide it from me and twist it, I have no problem telling them the truth and they don’t have to hide anything from anyone.

They are not happy about the way they done things the fact that he told them he was going to be back and take them and things and now hiding and not answering or coming back around. They are not happy with Wanda and said they do not want her to be there when they are spending time with their dad. I told them they could tell him that and didn’t have to go. I told them that he would probably bring her anyway. They said they are not going to speak to her.


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