I am not getting my hopes up to high, but I found an email a little while ago with a request for my resume. We have this group called nextdoor whatever area your in, people post what is going on in the are, things for sale, things they are looking for, and other stuff. I hardly ever go on it but something said go look around and post and I did. I posted an add saying I was a single mom of 4 looking for a job. I explained what hours I could work and things like that and that I was just put in a really bad situation and needed to go to work fast. A few people told me a few things to try and one lady sent me a private message asking me to send her my resume and contact information. I have put together a ton of resumes depending on the job but I can’t find any of them on my computer wouldn’t you know. I put together a new one and just sent it out to her, I hope I hear something back from her tomorrow. I would love to start Monday. She must be willing to work with my hours and things knowing what I can work already before she even sent me a request for it. I looked up the phone number she left in the email it is a travel agent but that is okay I will take anything at this point. I was even joking about asking the tree guys out here the other day, had I known this I would have. My daddy tried to get me to go to work for them years ago and I didn’t. I should have because it would have been a decent job with decent pay. At the time I could have went and got my CDL and been hired on as a foreman and driver because they have a hard time getting someone with a clean driving record who can drive the trucks and they can put in charge of the guys. With the points on my license at this point I probably couldn’t do that now. I have to be hired as a grown man brush draggier. But right now I would take it and do it because it would probably pay better than anything else I can find right now and it would be at least 40 hours a week. It is mostly guys but they do hire women, it wouldn’t bother me either way, I am just there to do my job, get paid and go home. I’m use to being around guys so that wouldn’t bother me either. I am going to apply if this don’t come through. Ah and she knows I am in school so it shouldn’t be a problem if I need to take time to take a test or something for school either. I shouldn’t have to take off much but if I do they know ahead of time.


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