I don’t think I said it to you all but last night I had a horrible thought while trying to figure all this out, what if I get help with the lights to keep them on and he turns around and has them shut off? They lights are in his name because he was living here back when we first moved in. They just have never been changed, the deposit is up and he didn’t need them in his name anywhere. Never really thought about what would happen if he ever got a place. But now last night I thought of that I could pay all this and still be sitting here in the dark. Then he could call and report it and they would let him have the kids. He don’t want the kids he never did want the kids when we split up. The only reason he wants them is to not pay support and now he knows I am going to go down and they are going to double it. So he will fight it most likely and do what he can to get them. And he will think that if he has them not only will he not have to pay but that he can make me pay him then.

It be about $135 more to have the lights switched to my name than I owe right now. I am trying to figure out where or how I can come up with it before they go off or once they go off so that I can pay it get it on in my name and then all ties he has will be done other than child support. That I will just got to the place and see what happens from there and let them take care of it.


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