Wanda’s ex messaged me earlier said that he had my key and my moms key at his house. He said that Wanda showed up to get her id finally after saying for days she was coming. I ask him who brought her he said he seen his truck but wasn’t sure if he was with her or she was on her own. Couldn’t see in it. She has no license but he is letting her drive his truck around. He said that she waned to come at 5 or 530 this morning and get it or her stuff and he told her he let her know when he woke up.

He just told me a little bit ago that she stopped left my key, my moms key there and got her id, she told him they were getting a place tomorrow. Would explain why she needed her id all of a sudden after not getting it all this time when she wanted it. I told him I want to know when she gets her shit. If I can get someone to take me I am going to follow them to see where they take it to so that I have an address to have him served. That is all I want to do is have him served and be done with him. I could careless where he is other than that reason. He can bet if he wants to come here and get my kids or have anything at all to do with them he will be giving me a number to call him and an address and I am not going to be given her number and have to deal with her. That shit will not fly.

I told him I wonder if they stalled and put it off all this time was because he told her she had to bring my key to get her id. They know that I go to school with the kids today and don’t get home until after 5. He would be able to come over here see if and what was left of his stuff and get it. If that is what they were thinking they got fooled. Because I have been waiting on them people from that report to get in contact with me so I have been home taking care of stuff on line and on the phone saved other stuff for tomorrow.

Funny he told her he was up she could come to get it and she asked if I was there? He said no why would I be? She just said she didn’t want no shit started when she came. I said yes because she is scared I am going to get a hold of her. She don’t know is I don’t have to go there to do it and I won’t do it right away. If I want a hold of her I will get her and it will be when she least expects it and thinks everything has calmed down and I just forgot about everything. But right now I can just make her life hell. Because the kids want nothing to do with her and do not want to go over there with her and they already said if they have to go they refuse to speak to her or listen to her or act as if she is there. They do not listen to their dad they never have, they didn’t when they were at my friends house and he was staying there. He has no control over them so they will be ruling the house. She don’t like kids she says it all the time. She thinks mine are different they are so good, she has not seen them with him and that was before she pulled her shit and done what she did.

Like I told him I could get him to leave her high and dry with no place to go. But it would require me doing something that I do not want to do and do. But if she pisses me off enough I just may do it or just enough to get him to get rid of her. But I don’t know if I could stoop that low at this point. But I may not even have to go as low as I am thinking to make it happen. She may find out sooner or later. Let them get settled in and going so happy and everything is great.


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