Just a quick update, to let you all know we are good the lights are on and will stay on. I was able to get them changed over to my name so that he can’t have them turned off and they will use the deposit to pay what is left owed on his or tell him he has to pay it before he has them turned on at his new place. You know what oh well to bad for him he owes me money and is blowing it. Let him spend it on shit he didn’t expect to have to spend it on if he don’t want to pay me.

I took my mom to my grandma’s last night because she is helping her until she gets her money and pays her back. I was standing there we were talking about where we just came from what happen and why we went (will post about that later) she gave my mom a check for what she needed and put stuff away we visited and talked some more. She ask me what I needed to keep my lights on. I told her what I needed to keep them on but that I was worried I was going to pay the bill then he was going to turn them off so I was working on getting them on in my name. She said okay, in a little bit she ask what it was going to cost to do that. I told her it was $100 more than paying the bill to keep them on in his name. She said okay I will lend it to you. I told her no because she is 70 some years old on a fixed budget and has her own bills. I told her I would figure it out but she wrote me a check anyway. I have to give it back to her as soon as I get it. She knows I am doing what I need to do and I am not just out blowing money or what is going on and she is pissed at Father of the Year. She has lived with us and we lived with her and my mom when they let us come to their house before. She was talking about how he was and things.

We got to the truck and she walked out with us to say high to the kids, it was late they were waiting in the truck we ran in for a minute and they were talking to grandpa at the truck. Something was said about the check who she made it out to. She made it out in my married name she didn’t know I had went back to my maiden name. She just gave me her card information told me to call and do it that way. She has a hard time with writing checks anymore. I got up and called first thing this morning before they could shut it off and just told them I wanted to start service at this address and that I didn’t have service anywhere right now they said okay and done it. I ask how long before it would be “on” in case they shut it off before the new order went through. They said oh the power is already on it will just go into your name as of today and so there should be no interruptions. It never went off so I guess everything went through good. I ask them to pay it why I was on the phone they said I couldn’t take payment they would bill me. I just hung up called back and paid it right away. They gave me 10 days I was surprised. I figured they want it up front before they would turn it on. I hope to have the money in 10 days if I do I will just give it to my grandma. I just wanted to pay it get everything set here so they couldn’t say oh wait we see your related to the person that had power there already and this or that is going to be a problem. That is a weight lifted.


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