That Father of the Year is going to call DCF on me and try to take the kids. My mom just messaged me a little bit ago telling me to clean my house they could call at anytime. Or she could think of it and call that it will be to late once they are called. I am not worried about it one bit, maybe I should be but I am not. My house is not spotless by any means, but it is not dirty, my house is cluttered, my house is lived in and played in, but my house is clean. It may need painted but it is a roof over their heads, it is a bed to lay down in a go to sleep, it is their everything that they need. They are healthy and happy, they do not need anything or want for anything that they need.

I do need to get through things and clean it out and get rid of stuff,  I need to get this stuff listed and sold once and for all, but it is not in the way, it is in the back room out of sight out of way. We can cook, clean, wash clothes and do anything we want to do with no problems at all. My kids have already told me they are very happy here with me and do not want to leave me to stay with their dad because their dad isn’t nice to them and they can not have the things they have here at their dads. He yells at them any time he wants something or they do something, he treats them like trash and they do not like it.

I also know all the things that dad did in the past name calling and things to my son and the therapist knows about it, others know about his temper and how he acts acts the things he does and the things he says. They all will stand up and tell whoever that he is not a safe place for them to be. I know that they also look for good enough and my house is far beyond good enough, eve with the clutter ad things that need to be gone through.

I also know that when it comes down to it and they start talking to therapst, doctors, teachers, schools, and other places and they start asking who is always the one that does this that and the other for the kids with the kids and how often do you see dad? Their answer is going to be mom, mom, mom and maybe twice have we seen dad or dad has really done anything to be involved or to seem like he even cared. When it comes to therapy and doctors they would have to say we have not seen dad in years but have hears a lot about dad from the kids and the things he is doing or has done.

Should I be worried maybe but am I no, because I can’t live my life in fear and worry. I know what I am doing I know what I am about I know that my kids are safe and take care of.


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