{May 6, 2017}   Starting To Wonder

It is amazing the things you start to put together when you just take a day and do nothing at all but lay around? I went to bed around 11 last night it is almost 4 and I have done nothing at all but sit around here looking at my phone or computer or sleeping. The kids have been watching tv, sleeping or playing on the computer.

I started thinking about this mess with Father of the Year, my sister messaged ask if he came by gave me any of the money he owed me or anything. I told her no and what happen Thursday night. We were talking about it, she asked if I had a way to get a hold of him or if he still had me blocked and not giving me his number. I said I still had no way to get a hold of him. I am wondering now if she didn’t block me not him and that is what she thinks she is going to force me to do? It isn’t going to happen.

Then I was thinking about it and Wanda did not block me, I can still message her and she reads them but no one ever responds because I sent her a few at the be gaining. She did just what her ex’s new old lady did to her to me, she had him change his number and not give it to her, she blocked her from contacting him any other ways as well, when ever she wanted to see or talk to the kids or needed something from them about the kids she had to go through his old lady not him. The only difference is they had the kids she did not. Well I got news for her I will not be going through her to get a hold of him about my kids or anything else that I may need to get a hold of him for. I got news for him I will not be doing that either and if he wants to see or talk to my kids and for sure thinks he will ever take my kids I will have a good number for him and an address for him. When I need to get a hold of my kids or him about my kids I will be doing it through him not her. If either one of them have a problem with that then he can forget having my kids or seeing them and if something happens when they are with me he can forget knowing anything about it until he decides to contact me because I am not going to be contacting her or his family to track him down and get a message to him. The courts say he has to give me his number and address if he wants to take my kids just like I have to keep mine updated with him. They do not say I have to go through his whore it says I to let him know he is to let me know. That is how it will be or else he won’t be seeing them or having them.

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