{May 7, 2017}   The Fall Out From Their Actions

They both walk in and out of these kids lives like nothing, they don’t think about if it effects them or how it effects them. They aren’t the ones here that have to deal with them being upset, sad, angry and down right nasty. They do not think about what they have already been through with losing the dog and then how close they had become to Wanda but then to have Father of the Year just ignore them like he has. Him ignoring them the other night just pushed them over the edge. This shit is why I do not want Little Bitty to call him daddy or to even think of him as daddy or being that person. He is far from it to even his own kids and do them this way and now her too because every fucking body calling him daddy to her. She has been the one that has been acting out the worse the last few days. I am to the point I can’t stand to be around her, it don’t matter what I say or do she just has a huge fit and shows her ass and refuse to listen. I can’t tell you how much trouble she has been in and even spankings the last few days. She had a fit yesterday in the store because she couldn’t have a $4 drink just because it had a cartoon head on it. I am not paying that for that when I can buy two full size jugs of juice for that. Then when we were with my mom she through a huge fit in the store because she couldn’t have a pony. I had to pick her up both times and carry her out of the store kicking screaming and fighting and couldn’t even hold her down to get her strapped into her seat. I spanked her it didn’t help took stuff away it didn’t help. Then all I hear is my mom bitching you don’t make her listen you let her do what she wants your why she is this way. She has no fucking clue what she does or what she is like because that is the most she has been around her in a year or more. This is not how she does most the time this is all new. My head hurts now from yelling at her I hate to yell and hardly ever do but she has been so bad and just have a fit and talk over top of you. Tonight the kids cleaned up the living room a lot of it her stuff but they picked it up. She came in here dumped two or three things every where all over. Then yelling and having a fit. I told her finally get your stuff and get out, if you are not going to clean up and listen act like a human and treat everybody nicely you have to get out of my house. She said okay I will go get my stuff and live with grandma. I said no you aren’t living with grandma you are going to stay outside because grandma don’t want you living with her the way you act either. She got all mad. But she finally come in here and cleaned up all the mess she made. She rolled on the floor yelling her legs hurt, she was tired, she needed her temperature checked but she got it all up. I am not having this she is not going to act this way and get away with it and walk around like she can do what she wants.

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