As much as going through all this sucks and as pissed off as I am at Wanda for what she done, I keep telling myself maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is what I have been wishing would happen for a while now. Maybe this is what is going to take him out of the picture for good. Maybe not 100% good but for at least a long while. It sucks the way it happen and that it would come to this but if things are not going to improve then they need to be removed. I have always said I did not want Father of the Year or RC walking in and out whenever they feel like it and being a parent when it suits them. That is pretty much all Father of the Year has been doing from the start really but differently since the divorce was granted and he had something solid to go by.  I had not said a lot because I know mine and the kids plan for next year. As long as I just didn’t say anything and kept track of everything it would help me win in court and keep peace right now. But if he is going to go ahead and remove himself then that will work for me in court just as much. I didn’t say anything before because I didn’t want him to say I was trying to push him out and not let him see the kids. But this way if he just don’t come around at all then that is all on him. Where as before I could say well you are not doing this, this or this so no you can’t see them. I have never said no you can’t see them and won’t. I can say no your times to see them are only this time to this time on these days so you have to follow that. I am sure he will probably stop coming in no time, I am not calling him about school events or anything like that he can come to. The kids can call and tell him and invite him but that is it. I will not be calling to remind him or see if he is coming. He will also be told it is for family only that the kids do not want him dragging his flavor of the week to their school in front of their friends.



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