Everything was going good until late last night when I got into a two hours argument with my mother. She was telling me how horrible my house is, how I don’t care about my kids, how I need to get this one shot at least for them, how I need to get rid of their things regardless what they thing, how everyone talks about me, and just on and on. She is mad I won’t move out of my house and move over there.

She started because I didn’t go take her to the store, she said call her when I drop the kids off at school, I had stuff to do I knew she didn’t go to bed until an hour or two before she wanted me to call her I didn’t feel like dealing with her. I figured I would just go take her whenever she finally got up and called me and was ready. I told her I could take her today but the kids got out at 1 and I had to drop her off by 3 to pick the other kids up and be somewhere by 4. She started about she might not be done by that time. All she needed to do was run to the bank cash a check go across the street get her hair cut and go in the store to get food. I would pick her up a few minutes after 9 everything is 10 minutes from her house. Okay may not be done by 12 but at least by 3 she still bitching.

She started about my house then how no one would take her places or help her and everything else she could start about. Then she started about some canned and boxed stuff she gave me the other night when I took her to the store we didn’t get home until after midnight when we got there at 7. She said she had some of it she got it but then didn’t use it check the dates there was two or three bags of food. I told kids leave it I would look at it later the next day. I went put Little Bitty to bed and things and came back through they put it away. They told me the checked the dates they were just trying to help. She started about that and she would just come over here and do it herself today. I said I would take care of it in a little bit I was going to. She kept on about coming here and doing it herself. I said I didn’t need her to I was taking care of it. She started about she knew I wouldn’t I was lying to her, what was the problem with her coming over here I wouldn’t care if my house wasn’t dirty and a mess. I said because like I said I can handle it I don’t need you coming over here to do it I said i would take care of it. Then she just kept on and on. I said look no one wants you over because you don’t come to see the kids or to see us, you come to see what you can find to complain about and bitch about. You come to see what you can try to force someone into doing right that minute because you want it done your way and right that minute. No I don’t if there is something wrong I am going to say something. I said nothing wrong other than it isn’t the way you want it think it should be or said to do it your way is not the right way to do everything or the only way to do it. Well I will just have so and so start bringing me over I am coming over to see my grand kids! she say, mind you grand kids she never wanted. I said see just like that someone won’t pick you up and bring you to their house because they don’t want you there but your going to get someone to bring you like see I am going to show you I will come anyway. I said that isn’t how things are or how you do things, and for that matter you can have whoever you want to bring you because just because you come or so and so brings you don’t mean I have to answer the door and let you in. What I can see my grand kids now she says. I knew what she was trying to say I just ignored her because that isn’t what I said. She started on and on in circles about everything.

I said look my brother has nothing to do with you he comes once a year if your lucky at Christmas. He won’t help you get your truck fixed he won’t help you move if you have to he won’t let you stay with him. My sister who lives in the same condos as you, will not help you, will not come over help you do anything that you ask her no matter how big or small, you hardly ever see her or the kids, and she will not let you live with her because of the way you do and have to have everything your way. I said me the one who is doing everything on their own with 4 kids and going to school, the one who has to make sure everything gets done everyone gets where they need to be and everything else is the only one that offers or tries to help you and all you ever do is attack me, all you ever do is complain about everything, nothing is ever good enough, nothing is ever right, nothing is just what it is, you always have something to say and you always start. I said you know I have somewhere to be I get there to pick you up you are not ready we wait forever on you to get ready, you don’t leave your house until you are late or about to be late for where ever you have to go, then we get there wait and you do what you have to, once we leave there then you inform me that you need to go to three or four different stores you can’t get everything at one or at the store two minutes from your house it isn’t good enough you have to get it at the ones that are fifteen minutes away. you take your time and I do not get to drop you off and leave until it is time for me to be where I have to go or past time and I am rushing around to pick kids up and get there.

Just stop, stop it now you know none of that is true and everything your saying isn’t true. You just need to stop and I’m not the only one that talks about your house or complains about it. I said it’s funny none of these other people have ever said a word to me about anything, if it was so bad and none of them are ever at my house to see what it looks like ever not even once a year are they at my house to see it. I just signed my 4 th lease, I think my sister has been to my house a handful of times and not even out of the truck most of those. My grandma has been here one time, and my mom has been here maybe 4. But they are experts on what my house looks like all the time. Because god forbid I was out of bleach and had not mopped my floor that day, we were washing clothes and cleaning other stuff doing other things, so clean clothes were on the couch, we were stripping beds and washing beds and washing everyone’s dirty clothes, so there was dirty clothes by the laundry room door. I have them bring everything from their beds and all their clothes that need washed and put it out by the door, This way when a load stops someone can walk in put it in to dry and just grab stuff and toss it in the washer without running around getting a load together it is right there. This gets it out of their rooms and out of their way so they can clean and things why they wait for their stuff back.

She then goes on to tell me how Father of the Year bitches about it all the time and how he is going to take the kids blah blah, and how RC said the same thing and how dirty everything always way. I said number one my house is as clean and probably cleaner than it was when father of the year was ever here because he never did anything and messed things up all the time, you can’t say that he don’t because you complain how he messes things up there and never helps. So keep taking his side yet again. Number two of course RC is going to say that when all he ever hears you say is the same shit. It’s easier to say that and split not look like the ass and not have to say why he was really leaving. I said funny when I talk to him and father of the year they both have way different things to say and how they are sorry they lied their asses off to everyone and about the shit that they said to people about me that wasn’t true. Number two if they both feel that things are so horrible and bad here, my kids are not taken care of, i don’t care about them, i don’t treat them good and everything is so bad here then why the hell have they both walked off and left them and not think twice about it? Why has father of the year told me over and over they need to be with me, he don’t want them all the time and things? Why did RC tell me I don’t know how many times he wouldn’t take her he just wanted to be a part of her life and why did he beg me to adopt his kids in case anything ever happen to him, he knew they would be taken care of, just days before everything blew up.

If I felt my kids were with someone who was all that bad like she is saying then I would be at the court house every day doing everything I had to do to make sure they didn’t stay there not off running around with whores and drugging it up. That kind of shoots everything they say out of the water.


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