I am friends with Wanda’s ex we have pretty much been friends as long as me and Wanda have been friends. They were together when I met her and started hanging out with her. We bullshit back and forth and things, sometimes he went places when we would go places for the day. I messaged him earlier tonight joking around about something but only put part of it, I was waiting for his reply I was going to tell him the rest. It was hours later he replied. I was doing something and didn’t reply back right away so he called. He was worried something had happened by what I put earlier then he hadn’t seen it for hours and I didn’t reply back.

He said he was outside talking to the people next to him when someone else they all knew showed up and he got stuck talking to them half the night. He isn’t really friends with them they use to be. He starts telling me how he found out Wanda had slept with this one that one and another all while they were together. I said well there was also Mr.X next to you also. He was like really? I said remember when she got the guy next doors car in the middle of the night and went to the boat ramp? I said and you know how Mr.X and so and so are fighting? Well it is because so and so was trying to get with her and she went and met Mr.X and so and so seen them took pictures and everything else. He is threatening to tell the wife and probably you and this is why they are all fighting. I said oh and the one at your house telling you all this, her ex husband she told me she slept with him as well. I thought it was in the past but I am not sure now. I thought so and so was in the past too and she came off with all this the other day not long before everything happen I made her leave.

He was like I got to go I am going to be up for a while I will probably message you later. I said okay that’s fine. Later he messaged me and was like I feel like an ass? I said why? He said she been sleeping with all these guys the whole time we been together. I had no clue, I feel like I should have known and the way she has done. I said look from my understanding what she told me she slept with them all like once, no that it is any better or makes it okay. But it isn’t like she was going out every weekend or all the time and doing it or bringing them there when you weren’t there doing it. It was like a once a year or so kind of thing. No one would have known probably, I said look at what she has been doing with Father of the Year for how long now and we didn’t know. How are we supposed to know that is what she was doing? How were we supposed to know that she was lying to either of us? We took her at face value she had changed, we didn’t see any sign of anything to say different so we believed her. She just took everyone for a ride and used them. No reason to feel like you done anything wrong. He said I know but it’s a lot to swallow all of a sudden at one time, and now Mr.X is over here doing stuff and helping me out getting things done around the house and things. This is probably why he been fucking her and he is laughing in my face about it now because I am to stupid to know it. I said well yeah that part is messed up he isn’t right and does this shit all the time with whoever he can get to mess with him. I said they both got problems and his old lady does too because how many times she knows about and she still keeps him. He said yeah I know I just have to deal with it.

I still don’t understand how people do these things. I told him other things she said and done while we were talking as well. I told him I said the stuff that she said you had said to her I figured you were already figuring she was leaving or knew what she had done or been doing. He said nope and that didn’t happen and that didn’t happen either. I said I didn’t know i figure by what she said you were saying there wasn’t really any reason to say anything and that you knew. He said nope half that shit or more was never brought up and i never said that stuff.


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