{May 13, 2017}   House For Sale

I have been so busy that I have not even noticed that the house behind me where the creepy guy lived is up for sale. I was talking to my sister on the phone and heard something outside. I peeked out the blind to see what was going on and seen the sign in the yard. I was surprised they have only been there for two years this past Jan/Feb. I only know that because they moved in as I was going through everything with my dad and caused problems all around us the first few months with calling code enforcement and the cops on anything that they seen. My truck had broke down and was in my driveway I didn’t have time to mess with it with my dad being sick, I just drove his van and left it for later he complained on me. It’s him his wife and their teen age son that goes to the local high school. He is the one that was watching me in the store and things until I left and went back once they were gone. I know he owns other houses but not right here they are across the main road down the street in an area that isn’t quite as nice as here, the houses are a lot older and a lot of drugs and crime. Now I am wondering why he would just move out of this one like that and not rent it out like he does the others if he found somewhere else to go? I don’t know maybe it is for rent but it don’t look like it. I just hope that whoever moves in aren’t asses or creepy like he was.

I just found it interesting that I had not even seen it up for sale when I drive by it all the time, thinking about it I have not been seeing them go by lately either so who knows how if they are still in it or if they are gone and how long they been gone. Oh well no loss here.

weird how we don’t notice things sometimes isn’t it? I’m glad the creepy people are gone though. That is better for you at least. xx

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