I have hardly talked to my mom since we got in that fight last weekend. Tonight she has been messaging me again and I knew it wouldn’t last but didn’t think it be this fast, that she is starting again. She sent me a link to recalls on trucks, it wasn’t even my truck she had the wrong years, I clicked and looked mine up just to see and it shows nothing for years that has been recalled on mine. I got mine two years ago and had a problem that I thought might be from a recall part. I took it to the dealer and had the vin ran to look for recalls to see if it was what I was thinking wrong with it, they ran it and said there were not recalls on it at all. I ask them what that meant because I know that most of Fords trucks has been recalled for it how did they know this one wasn’t having the same problem? They said that if it had any recalls in the past they all had been fixed or they would show up when they put the vin in. Okay great, I trust them because I took my other two titles in when the one really did have a problem with that part and had them run the vins to see if they both needed to be fixed or just the one. They told me that I needed to not only have the same part on my blue truck replaced but that I needed to also have something with the tow package fixed as well because it had a recall. So they do tell you they don’t try to hide it so they don’t have to do the work. Besides they are the dealer for that truck, if they tell me there are not recalls and they all been fixed and something happens guess who can be held responsible and get sued?

She telling me I don’t know what I am talking about and there are all these recalls on there and they are the dealer they aren’t going to tell you. I told her I took it in they ran just my truck it’s self and told me not just a blanket list and that when they fix a recall part they take it from under that vehicles vin so they know it has been done. She still telling me how I’m wrong and don’t know. I was one more comment away from saying see here we go again, you know more about my truck than me or the dealer and you have done nothing but ride in it what a hand full of times? This is just what I was talking about the other night and you having to always be right and always have the say in everything. But lucky she just stopped and said okay and went on. Because we would have been in another fight tonight. I I think she knew I was getting ready to say something that is why she stopped and went on. I don’t know what makes her that way but I am done being nice and keeping the peace.


3 thoughts on “Recalls

    1. It’s not just the truck it is everything she is two handfuls and then some. We have never fully gotten along really always butt heads. But it is because my brothers sisters and everyone else just ignore her and hardly say anything to keep the peace. I am done doing that I am a grown adult with my own life house and kids. I am living it how I feel fit and she don’t like she has no say.

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