I should be filling out papers to take to the courthouse tomorrow but I am not going until the after noon so I will do them in the morning. I am going to start my medication back tonight. I don’t know why I picked tonight it just seems like the time to do it. I was sitting here thinking about doing these papers and eating something but then I started to feel tired. I had the thought I should do them in the morning so I don’t mess anything up and not notice. I also then had the thought that it is probably still early enough I should go ahead and start my meds back. I have been able to tell for a while that I need too I just haven’t done it but I have to sometime it should probably be now. Then maybe I will get better about it again. With it getting dark later will help with it some too maybe. I don’t know guess we will see. I just hope that I can file everything tomorrow. I have to make a list before I go to bed of everything I have to make sure I have with me in order to do it like his address to his job.


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