Hello all not sure how long it will last but for some odd reason my internet is half working. The two computers are partly on line the tv is not and the phones will not connect. Nothing is hardwired in everything runs off of wifi. The kids have been watching youtube all after noon since they got home so I thought maybe it was still on. We tried the tv can’t do anything I tried my phone it won’t hook up. I came in my room tried my computer I can get on some sites and others I can’t. I can’t get to the school site to get information that I need and I can’t get to my mail. I can get on here facebook and youtube and one or two other sites. I am not sure how that is or how long it will last. I need to get on the school site to get information and turn in and I can’t. I am trying to find somewhere to borrow the money to pay it and get gas until the other money I am waiting for comes in. Praying it comes in before the first so I can pay rent and the bills that needs paid.

My oldest wants to send her dad a message on facebook since that is the only way to get a hold of him tell him they need the money that he owes them. I figure he will just block her say it is me trying to talk  to him or what. I told her she could but not to be surprised if that is what he does. I guess we will see. I don’t know if she is going to or not.

I got to get off here Little Bitty has a play at the school tonight that they did not tell use about until last night. Got to get her bathed and ready she has dinner all over her. If I can get back on tonight still I will probably be back, if not it may be a little while.


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