Today I dropped the kids off at school and ran to the bank for my mom I was going to run to the library and then go by to talk to her. The next thing I knew I was pulling up at her house. Something just kept saying go now, go now, thinking about everything I passed the library and everything. I went ahead and went up her door was closed I was worried she wouldn’t be home or would still be sleeping. I rang her bell and was waiting the lady next to her always comes out when she hears someone come over there. She said knock loud I said I rang the bell want to give her time to get to the door and don’t want to wake her up if she hasn’t gotten up. She said no she is up she was earlier just knock. I did and a lady answered the door, I ask for her she told me to come in and she came walking out of the tv room. She was happy to see me we went in and sat in the living room, she was telling me how excited she was to see me and asking how the kids were and everything. I told her how the kids were moving up at school we were on the last 2 weeks and everything. we talked for a little bit.

Then I told her I come by to see her but I also come by to see if she knew how to get a hold of Father of the Year. She said I think that we would have to go through the family to do or would be best to go through the family to do. I said well they have been called they do not answer and they don’t call back. I told her everything that had happen, how he left and refuses to pay me, how he told me he wasn’t giving me no more money, that he called the police on me wouldn’t even talk to him kids, left everything he owned, changed his phone number, blocked me and everything else. She was shocked and didn’t know what to say. She said his mom was gone up north with his brother and his family and that his dad was taking care of his own things but that she was going to get a hold of him and that hopefully he would do what was right and get a hold of him and get him to do what was right or at least on his side do what was right. She said I can’t make him and I don’t know what he will do and he has done somethings I do not approve of or think is right over the years but all I can do is get a hold of him and hope for the best and hope that the family will stand behind you and support you and make sure the kids have what they need and thing. She said I don’t know how that will be or happy but I am going to get right on this and see if I can’t get something to happen.

She said a few times she was willing to do whatever she could and be the go between with his parents and things. She said I know his dad has never treated you the nicest or treated you right. She said it has always bothered me and I have said something to him about it many times but it never mattered. I said no he hasn’t and I said that’s one reason I never came to the family or brought it up to the family that there was a problem or problems I figured what was the point they didn’t care for me anyway. I said but now it has come to a point that I just need to get a hold of him and ask him to give me what he owes for his kids and to pay his part every month like he is supposed to. I said and I can’t talk to him or get a hold of him so I am asking that someone talk to him and see if they can figure out what is going on with him and where he is coming from. I said I know he tells everyone he pays me and gives me all this money and he see’s the kids and does things with them or leads them to believe it but he don’t. I told her how he told my mom he was paying me and couldn’t pay her and he was telling me he was paying things there and couldn’t pay me. That he has nothing to show for his money and no one knows what he is really doing with it how he started screaming at me he wasn’t on drugs but many people had been asking me if he was. I told her how he has never taken the kids for an over night or out of my house to do anything other than to run to the store to grab something that he may come over a few times a month and see them for a few hours or the day and that was it. She was shocked. She kept saying I am so glad that you came and told me what is going on and what has been going on and this isn’t right and the family is going to stand behind you and support you and do what we can I hope I can get his dad to listen and do what is right here. I said I think he is hoping that I end up homeless so that he can then take the kids from me. Before I could say anything else she said he can’t do that he can’t handle taking care of them!! I said I know and he has told me that out of his own mouth but that is why it took me years to get the divorce because he had money for a lawyer and he till me if I went to file and get it done he was going to get a lawyer and he was going to take the kids from me and things. I told her how we talked before about him getting tested or evaluated because something wasn’t right and how he say yes he knew but then 5 minutes later turn around and scream at me he was fine it was me and how me and the kids were tired of the abuse and walking around on eggshells all the time never knowing when he was going to blow up again or over what little thing next. I told her how every house we have ever lived in has holes in the walls from him, how my house now has holes in the walls and the bathroom sink broken in two places and how I can’t even call the people over here to do repairs that need to be done because if they see it I will be thrown out in the street for tearing the place up. But that I do not have money to fix it.

She said you have some really good kids, they are good in school, they are happy, well mannered, well rounded kids. She said someone has done a good job with them and she said I have to say I think it is because of you not him. She said I will back you in any court filings or anything like that you have to do and I hope that the family will as well. She said his mom is very upset over it all and how the relationship is and things. She said you all are the only family she has close anymore the kids and she don’t get to see them. I said I am not keeping them from any of you at all. I said I tell him all the time why don’t you take the kids to see your mom and dad? Why don’t you take them over to see your grandma? I said every time I do he says his mom and dad are busy or away and that you have company or went away. I said or he has no money when he is making good money he should have no problem with gas to come see any of you all. I said I think he don’t want me and the kids around either one of you all because he is worried what he is really doing is doing to come out or what he isn’t doing I should say will come out that they hardly see daddy he is behind and hardly pays he never does anything or takes them. Or that I am going to tell the truth and how it really is. I said I really think that is it. I didn’t think I should have told her that even when we are together or have parties and things for the kids I tell him to invite them all but he never does and says oh I didn’t get a chance or forgot when he knows week in advance. Like she said because of the way his dad has always treated me I do not call and speak to them or talk to them about things. Because I figure he don’t care anyway, I am sure he is happy to have me out of the picture and don’t figure he will even care when it comes to all this. I told her I knew that Father of the Year had borrowed money from his dad a few times to help us out here and there and that I gave it to him to give back to him and he didn’t he take it spend it or whatever when I asked he wouldn’t have it and hadn’t given it back. I said I borrowed money my self one time from them and I took it cash in hand to his mom to return it myself because she is the one that came with me and gave it to me and his dad and mom both said not to worry about it, it was a gift for our new house use it for that. I said but the other money came from his dad and I did not borrow it but I always made she he had it to give back and he didn’t and the way he his dad treated me I stop going around them both long before we split up. She said I don’t blame you and I understand, I don’t know why he has been that way toward you.

I don’t know if she got a hold of his dad or not and I don’t know what he said. She asked me for my phone number again and said she was going to be calling him right away to try and see what could be and needed to be done about this. She asked what he paid and what he was behind and things like that. When I needed the money by and things. I told her I just put a few dollars in gas and would be putting the last I had in gas tomorrow or the next day and I would have no more money for anything after that. She said okay and that she would get back in touch with me very soon and things. I don’t know if she will or not but maybe one of them can talk to him and talk some since in to him or he will feel a some kind of something for them having to get involved if they do and do what he needs to. I don’t care at this point why he pays as long as he pays. I told her I should have money put away but I don’t because as soon as he knows I have any he stops paying until he knows I have none. How he use to make me take every dime I had to pay the bills and then I would have to ask him for even a dollar if I needed it and things. She was not happy she said I believe you, I believe everything you are telling me and something is not right with this and it is wrong he was no raised like this.

I do not expect anything but if they do come through and help or get him to that will be a life saver and at this time whatever little bit helps.


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