Thought I was going to have to go to the ER last night Little Bitty was playing and sat down in the floor, when she did she screamed and started to cry. I thought she hit her back in the ottoman because she was close too it, I told her come let me see. She got up on my lap and laid her head on me I ran my hand down her back to rub it. When I did I felt wet all over my hand. I rubbed again as I was trying to get her up thinking she just had something on her back or my hand was wet, but knowing it wasn’t. Sure enough it was wet all over, I got her up and turned her around there was blood all over my hand and all over her back. I could’t even figure out where it was coming from. Then I seen a lump on her spine pop up and blood running from the bottom of it down her back. Big Boy panicked with the autism he don’t handle blood or anyone getting hurt well. It scares him he thinks they are going to die or something. It scared me the way it was bleeding and it was like dark red and just running like you turned the water on at the sink and the lump that came up so fast right on the spine. I never had one hurt their self like that before. I had them find me a rag and had my oldest get my phone look up the number for the doctor and call. I finally got the bleeding to stop but the lump was bigger. She got the doctor on the phone and I talked to her. She said as long as she was moving around okay her legs and things were fine and the bleeding has stopped to just watch her close the next 48 hours or so. If she started having any problems with her legs, back or hurting anything to take her in right away to be seen. I know the face, mouth, head and things like that bleed a lot and fast but I did not know the back would bleed like that and for it to be so dark red not like if you get cut somewhere else.

I am just happy she is okay and didn’t need to go, I figure at this point she will probably not need too, but still watching her to be sure. But we still have to go because my oldest was sick and in bed all day yesterday, last night she had blisters and things in her throat and last night she was puking. I told her we would go to the doctor tomorrow she is begging to go to the ER today. She says she feels really bad and like it is getting worse and that she thinks she needs to be seen today. So we are all getting ready to go take her today. I will probably go ahead and get Little Bitty seen as well because when Big Girl was up puking she got up crying with her ear hurting and needed something for it to help her go back to sleep because all she did was roll around and cry after that. They are all getting ready to go so we can all 5 go sit in the hospital and be exposed to whatever everyone comes in with and probably catch it too. Then they can all be sick not just the two. Since I have no one to call to watch the other two or three why we go. I am not even sure I would take Little Bitty with me if I had someone to watch them and take her tomorrow to not expose her to even more. Been keeping them all a way from each other at home to keep them all from getting it. Normally I just call father of the year and have him come watch the ones that didn’t need to go but I can’t even get a hold of him to tell him that she is sick enough to want to go to the ER much less have him watch the others. He want to bring her with him and that isn’t going to happen either so. For her to ask to go to the ER you know she is sick because she never even wants to go to the doctor most the time. She ends up going because I take the rest and she is there.

I guess I should get a shower and get out of here so that maybe we won’t spend the day there waiting to be seen. But who knows it’s Sunday and there aren’t any doctors open so we may be there awhile today as well. I really hope not I don’t feel good either and just want to be at home.


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