{May 21, 2017}   I Think Everyone Is Sleeping

It’s not even 1030 pm and I think everyone in my house is sleeping, I haven’t heard anything about of any of them in about 30 minutes. I a glad they all need the sleep, they all have school tomorrow. I am done for the day, I started with kids puking in the bathroom sink at like 4 am while the other rolled around and cried with her ear hurting, to be followed by hours long trip to the ER, a broken glass in the floor at one point, going to three stores to get medications filled and one kid without any until tomorrow, the toilet overflowing all over my bathroom when we got home and then milk being spilled in my floor tonight as I was trying to go to bed. I was just ready for them all to be in bed so that nothing else will happen hopefully. I have 5 minutes of peace before I decide to go to bed, but wouldn’t you know I am wide awake so who knows it may be more but that is okay too. I just had to share because it isn’t often that this happens. I know my girls are not feeling good so they of course went to bed early, I just told the boys it was bedtime but most the time they will stay up and talk until I get onto them a dozen times.

enjoy the peace and time to yourself. Kids don’t give you much of that 🙂 xx

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