{May 21, 2017}   Re: An ER Trip

We finally got out of the house and made it to the ER this afternoon, I went ahead and had my little one seen too since I was already there. I figured she was up crying in the night it just get worse by tonight, plus it would save me a trip to the doctor tomorrow. Its a good thing my oldest wanted to go today because they were both pretty bad. Oldest has white places and bloody spots all in her throat and mouth and Little Bitty they said has bulging ear drum. I do not understand these girls at all, Little Bitty never said her ears hurt anything was bothering her or nothing until the middle of the night when she woke up crying. My oldest said Friday evening she didn’t feel good and slept most all day yesterday. Then last night in the middle of the night said she thought she needed to go somewhere today and didn’t want to wait until Monday to go. Hers got worse very fast as well because she was not that bad yesterday or Friday evening. She even said it got bad last night.

We got there and had to wait a little bit before they took them back but it wasn’t horribly long maybe 20 or 30 minutes. The triage nurse did the strep test on her right away she looked so bad so we didn’t have to wait long for that. They gave oldest a shot of something why were there to help the swelling in the throat go down and sent her home with Amoxicillin 875 mg twice a day. Little bitty I have to pick up tomorrow because both places to get hers filled was closed by the time we got close to them after leaving the hospital.

I hope they are feeling better in the morning, I had some of what she was supposed to get here so I gave it to her to hold her over until tomorrow. I just have things to do tomorrow and I know they are going to want to go to school. I guess we will see how things go.

I tried to message him while I was at the er today to let him know I was there with her but I am still blocked. So I guess he will just find out when he comes back around.

so glad you didn’t have to wait long to be seen. the strep sounds horrible. and painful. hope she’s feeling better now and little bitty too. x

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