{May 23, 2017}   3 Miles To Empty

I picked all the kids up from school today and pulled in my driveway with 3 miles until empty. Today was last day for one of them and the older two have two more days left and their awards on Thursday as well. I told them they probably would not get to go the next two days because I have a dollar I found in the truck and that was it. One of them said that Big Boy had money in his bank could we use it? I told them I thought it was mostly pennies they said no he had mostly quarters and things. He said we could use it if I gave it back when I started working or what. I told him of course I would. We got home and he looked he had a $20 in there that he found months ago in the parking lot. I thought he had spent all his money he had like that. I have it to get gas to get everyone to school a few days now. Maybe a little to get where ever else we may need to go. I have to go work tomorrow and Friday I hope but probably won’t get paid from that since my water got paid. Maybe I will be able to make some money now and pay that back when I get to working full time, or get part of it in cash to get gas and a few things and put the rest to what I owe. They said they wanted to help and not to worry about it but I want to pay it back. I don’t want to hear from anyone how they had to do this or that for me and I didn’t pay it back or whatever. I always pay it back in some way.

I got a call about an hour ago, it was my friend J she said that her husband wanted to talk to me. He got on the phone and was asking me how much I needed for my rent and when I needed it by? I told him he said he gets paid Friday and that he will make sure it gets to me as soon as he gets paid so that I can pay the rent. Thank God that and the water is paid. Now I just have to worry about my car insurance and other little things like internet and things. Hopefully I get a call back from this women at McDonald’s and get that. I will take anything and work for my friends husband on the side if I can.

I still need to get my truck fixed it is like a $400 fix but my friend said he do it for cost of the part and $50 for his time. Then I have to get a 3rd tire because it keeps messing up the tire on that side I noticed yesterday the tire is starting to look bad again. It is also making some really bad sounds when I turn and things it shouldn’t make and hadn’t been making. I am going to talk to my friends husband at the shop see if he can get the parts cheaper and if he can order it when I have the money if he can.

There was something else that happen I was going to tell you all about but I have no clue what it was now. I guess I will be back later if I think of it.

I hope you get the mcdonalds job. Thinking of you. It was nice of your kids to help you out. xx

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